How do you define diversity?

Diversity is the collection of, and acknowledged value of, each of our various identities, experiences, and perspectives that make us each a whole, worthy individual.
Kathy Garren
Pieces of a absolute whole that when assembled respectfully with true care and selfless concern lead to shared health and fulfillment.
Brian Petrosky
Diversity is acknowledging, recognizing, and accepting peoples' differences and experiences.
Academic Adviser Kimberly Geter
Diversity is a) a fact of life; and b) the spice of human interactions.
Academic Adviser Irma Giannetti
Diversity is the sharing of knowledge, experiences and viewpoints from people of a wide variety of backgrounds. These backgrounds may be different cultures, genders, ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, educational levels, ability statuses and many more. To be truly diverse, we need to discuss and learn about all of these different experiences and just as importantly, acknowledge our own lack of knowledge and be open to new ideas and ways of thinking.
Associate Director for Outreach and Orientation, Jeff Warner
To me, diversity is the presence, representation, and celebration of individuals and ideas from various backgrounds based on ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender identity, religious beliefs, disability, etc.
Academic Adviser Brian Tholl
Diversity is present when people of different identities are in one place. Sometimes, these are blatantly obvious (race, religion, language, etc.), but there is also diversity in people's political views, personalities, professions, values, aspirations, and more. All of these things are an important part of diversity because they contribute to our uniqueness as human beings.
Erin Ahart
Diversity is difference. Difference in perspectives, experiences, personal characteristics and/or skills.
Hilleary Himes
My definition of diversity would include openness to differences among people, status, cultures and perspectives.
Academic Adviser Juyeon Schulman
Diversity to me is bringing together a group of people with different backgrounds and characteristics; this includes visible and non-visible characteristics.
Academic Adviser Trevor Brown
Diversity is multi-faceted, but boiled down, it's the variety of the human race. It's the different identities, experiences, cultures, and abilities that make up the global community. Diversity also promotes growth: emotional growth, community growth, intellectual growth, spiritual growth, vocational growth.
Ali Chiavetta
Diversity is humanity: the full and beautiful range of human identity, culture, thought, belief, and experience. Looking outside of ourselves, seeing and valuing difference, and uplifting people who are different from us are not only how we demonstrate care for other people, but also how we learn and grow.
Emily Fogel Conway