Conferences and Seminars

The Division of Undergraduate Studies is heavily involved in a variety of conferences and events centered on academic advising in higher education. Featured below is information on each of these initiatives.

Academic Advising Seminars

Each semester the Division of Undergraduate Studies invites the Penn State community to presentations featuring academic advising topics. These sessions, typically during the noon hour, take place on the University Park campus and provide opportunities for professional development, networking and advising discussions.

Annual Academic Advising Fall Conference

Each year the division hosts a conference on academic advising at Penn State's University Park campus. An overarching theme describes the focus of each conference. Below is information on upcoming and recent fall conferences.

Global Engagement Through Academic Advising

The Division of Undergraduate Studies hosted "Fostering Student Global Engagement through Academic Advising" in 2012. The event was live streamed and archived for future viewing. Individual sessions and panel discussions addressed Penn State's global landscape, bringing global issues into academic advising, and the rise of global advising. Details and video recordings of the sessions are available at the link above.

Shared Reading

Academic advisers throughout the DUS network and interested colleagues across Penn State meet frequently to discuss shared readings and research ideas and consider their possible contribution to new best practices in academic advising. Contact a member of the DUS Professional Development committee for more information and a list of upcoming readings.