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The Undergraduate Bulletin provides official documentation and information on policies, procedures and programs at Penn State.

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Majors - All students must eventually choose a major, but Penn State allows ample time to explore and discover. Click on this link to investigate Penn State's 160+ majors. Filtering options allow sorting by Interest Area, Campus, and College to help examine and analyze all of the possibilities.

Minors - A Minor is an addition of 18-21 credits that can complement any major at any campus where the required coursework is offered. Penn State has over 200 Minors to choose from, so visit this link to research if adding a Minor may be an option for you.

Certificates - Penn State has over 100 Undergraduate Certificates, which are a great way to enhance a major. They are typically 9-15 credits and can be taken at any campus that offers the specified coursework. Choose this link to investigate the options.

General Education - Composing about one third of an undergraduate degree, General Education requirements connect curiosity with career. They are a great way to explore areas of interest while still working towards degree completion. The link gives details on the specifics requirements and categories of General Education.

Undergraduate Courses - Looking for a course on a specific topic or that fulfills a certain General Education category? This link provides a description of each and every undergraduate course at Penn State, and is a great way to browse course options.

Entrance to Major Requirements - From this link, choose "Entrance to Major" to learn more about the minimum academic requirements needed to declare a major. Some majors also have Enrollment Controls, so be sure to note the requirements for any and all majors you are currently considering. 

Enrollment Controls - This site lists all currently Administratively Enrollment Controlled majors at Penn State. These majors at GPA and course requirements that must be met before being able to declare them.  It is important to be aware of these conditions during the exploration process, as it could impact your choices moving forward.