Change of Major to DUS

Prior to requesting any change:

  1. Meet with your academic adviser to discuss your plans.
  2. Examine the Entrance Requirements at the beginning of a What-If Report for the desired major to ensure you qualify.
  3. Students with aid or scholarships tied to enrollment in a particular college should contact the Office of Student Aid to ensure understanding of any ramifications related to a change in your academics.
  4. Student Athletes should contact the representative at their location (for UP, the Morgan Academic Support Center for Student-Athletes) to ensure understanding of any ramifications related to a change in your academics.

Directions for Update Academics:

  1. After completing the recommendations above, select the requested action beside the Major, Minor or Certificate you want to Change, Remove, or Add.
  2. A link will appear directing you to select your Proposed Changes.
  3. After you have entered your Proposed Changes, select Confirm Proposed Change(s) or Cancel Change(s).
  4. Review your Proposed Changes to ensure accuracy. Select Confirm and Submit, or Exit-No Save.
  5. You must confirm that you have read a tuition recalculation statement prior to the request being submitted.

The following message is displayed when applying for a change into DUS at any location:

“Your request cannot be automatically processed.  Prior to changing into the Division of Undergraduate Studies, students must research majors at and identify realistic goal(s).  Contact your campus DUS advising office at to make an appointment and discuss your eligibility to enter DUS.”

Once a change of major request to DUS has been submitted in Update Academics, a DUS representative will reach out to schedule an advising appointment.