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DUS News - January 30, 2023

Exploration Series Topic #3: How Do Majors Relate to Careers?

As you reflect on the connection between your interests and particular majors, we ask you to consider how the process of major choice connects to a career. Choosing a major is not the same thing as choosing a career path. Rather, a well-thought-out choice in major, coupled with meaningful experiences outside of the classroom, can lead to a whole host of career paths directly or indirectly related to your major title. Search career options and interests through My Next Move, and see how alumni connect their major to careers through LinkedIn to start your exploration today. 

To Do: 

  • Browse the My Next Move resource and write down a list of careers to talk about with your adviser
  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Filter through over 505,000 Penn State alumni to see their major to career connections
  • Make an appointment with your adviser to discuss your findings
  • Use Career Services for help in building your LinkedIn Profile

Last week's topic: How Do I Connect My Interests to Penn State Majors? 

Next week's topic: How Do I Make Decisions? 


I Got a “Flag” in a Class—What Does That Mean?

Your instructors care about your success. If they’re concerned by something you’re doing or not doing in their class—your performance on assignments, attendance, participation—they can "raise a flag" in Starfish to share their concern with you and/or your adviser. Your instructors have been invited to raise flags and send kudos (positive feedback) to students in their classes this week. This gives you a chance to see how you’re doing and make any needed changes early in the semester.

What Can I Do About It?

Try these strategies to take charge of your success:

  • Talk with your instructor about their concern during their office hours. Be sure to review the syllabus before the meeting and reflect on the reason(s) for their concern. While it’s normal to feel nervous about attending office hours for the first time, there are plenty of tips to help with crafting the perfect email and office hours etiquette.
  • Attend a Study Smarter session to learn the most effective study techniques.
  • Use FREE tutoring services on campus.  
  • Schedule an appointment with your DUS adviser to discuss your progress, learn about additional resources, and create a plan for your success. We care about your success and want to help you thrive.

Following up on flags can help you to achieve your full potential! Don’t know if you’ve received a progress report yet? Check your Starfish dashboard or Penn State email for progress reporting messages from notices@starfishsolutions.com.  

Important Dates: 
Resource Spotlight: 
Pre-Law Advising

Are you considering law school? If so, you may know that law schools do not have any preferred majors or pre-requisite courses. DUS students interested in law school should work closely with their advisers to find a major that is a good fit for their strengths and interests that will help them build strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Pre-Law Advising is housed in DUS and has resources available to all students who are interested in law school. Start learning more about law school and how to prepare by attending a Pre-Law Orientation Session. To find out about other law-related events across the University, sign up for the Pre-Law Advising listserv

Events and Announcements: 
Group Advising Sessions
University Park

DUS will be holding group advising sessions throughout the spring semester as a way to discuss popular advising topics with groups of students. These sessions are open to all DUS students and will help you to learn more about the topic and to ask questions in a friendly, open environment. For more information on each session visit https://dus.psu.edu/group-advising. All sessions are held in the Grange Building Lobby, unless otherwise listed on the website.

Spring 2023 Sessions

All sessions are at 4:00 p.m. ET and held in the Grange Building Lobby.

January 30: How to Get Involved

Please register in advance for the January 30 session.

February 16: Undergraduate Research 101

Please register in advance for the February 16 session

February 28: Interested in Smeal? 

Please register in advance for the February 28 session. 

March 14: Explore and Find the Right Major for You

Please register in advance for the March 14 session. 

March 21: General Education 101

Please register in advance for the March 21 session. 

March 28: Course Enrollment 101

Please register in advance for the March 28 session. 

DUS Advising This Semester
University Park

There are three ways you can talk with a DUS adviser at University Park (Note: DUS students at other campuses or at other colleges at University Park should check how advising services are being offered where you are):

  • 20–30 minute scheduled appointment with your assigned adviser over Zoom or in person.
  • Quick question advising (QQA) with any DUS adviser over Zoom or in person. No appointment is needed. Quick question advising will be held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1:00–3:00 p.m. and Tuesdays from 9:00–11:00 a.m. You can find the link to the QQA waiting room on the DUS appointments webpage.
  • Email your assigned adviser.
Erickson Discovery Grant
All Campuses

Planning to do a research project over the summer? Apply for the Erickson Discovery Grant, and earn funding for your project! The Rodney A. Erickson Discovery Grant Program supports undergraduate student engagement in original research, scholarship, and creative work under the direct supervision of a Penn State faculty member. The grants may be used to cover living expenses and project costs (e.g., supplies, materials, books, specialized software, travel for the purpose of data collection, etc.). The application deadline is Sunday, February 12.

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