Make an Appointment

The Division of Undergraduate Studies offers three ways for you to interact with an academic adviser: quick question advising, scheduled advising appointments, and email.

All quick question advising and scheduled advising appointments during the Fall 2020 semester will be held via Zoom—you can connect with either a computer or a phone.

Quick Question Advising

Quick question advising is intended for topics and questions that can be resolved with a brief 5-10 minute conversation or an email. It is not intended for in-depth conversations about topics such as those listed in the Advising Appointments section listed below.

Acceptable topics for Quick Question Advising include:

  • Discussion about adding/dropping courses within deadlines
  • Getting a form signed
  • Help with LionPATH
  • Reviewing Entrance-to-Major requirements
  • General Education information not related to your schedule planning questions
  • How to transfer credits

Connect with an adviser:

  • For students enrolled in DUS:
    • Email your assigned adviser. Use your Penn State email.
    • Click here for Quick Question Advising via Zoom - Please note that a DUS Adviser is only available during the times listed below. All times are Eastern Time. 
      Monday 1:00–3:00 p.m.
      Tuesday 9:00–11:00 a.m.
      Wednesday 9:00–11:00 a.m.
      Thursday 1:00–3:00 p.m.
      Friday No Quick Question advising.
  • For students not enrolled in DUS: use our online form to submit a question. Use your Penn State email.

Everyone will do their best to respond to you in as timely a manner as possible. Please know that information is changing rapidly, and advisers will not have concrete answers to all of your questions. Some answers may be found on the university’s central FAQ online.

Advising Appointments

Note: Scheduled appointments: Scheduled appointments are based on each individual adviser's availability and may provide hours outside of the normal work day. If an appointment appears on your adviser's Starfish calendar, your adviser is available at that time. All appointments are scheduled based on Eastern timezone times. If you live outside of of the Eastern timezone, please be aware of the time difference when scheduling your appointment.

Some questions require a longer conversation to discuss available options. If you need to talk about one of the topics listed below, schedule an appointment with your adviser in Starfish.

  • Schedule planning
  • Discussion about study abroad
  • Questions about changing majors
  • Academic difficulty
  • Internships
  • Concurrent majors
  • Planning for a minor
  • Faculty senate petitions
  • Changes in academic goals
  • Anything that will take more than 10 minutes

Plan ahead for your appointments. Advising appointments fill up quickly during the registration timetable. If you wait until the last minute to make an appointment, you may not be able to meet with your adviser prior to your registration date. If that occurs, please see "choose your courses" with information about how to plan your schedule. You can always review your schedule with your adviser after your registration date.

Do your best to ensure your advising meeting is as productive as possible by following the suggestions at Appointment Preparation.

Are you currently:

In DUS at University Park

To schedule an appointment with your assigned DUS adviser:

  • Log into Starfish and click on “Home”.
  • Find “My Success Network” in the navigation pane.
    This will show you all your instructors and adviser. You can make an appointment with your adviser from their Individual profiles.
  • Click Schedule Appointment link.
    Calendar (left-hand side) will show dates with open appointment times. Days in bold-face are the ones available for scheduling.
  • Click the + icon next to the appointment time that fits your schedule.
    •  Office Hours: 8:00–5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). All appointments are scheduled based on ET times. If you live outside of ET, please be aware of the time difference when scheduling your appointment.
  • Select a Reason for the appointments.
  • Type a detailed description for the meeting to help the adviser best prepare for the meeting.

Once you create the appointment Starfish will send you an email confirming the appointment and will also send you a reminder closer to the appointment time. Your “Dashboard” will show the new appointment that you have created.

To cancel the appointment:

Click the “x” in the upper right of the appointment block on your Dashboard.
If you do need to cancel, please do so well in advance and give your adviser some reasons why the appointment is being canceled.

In another college at University Park

If you are enrolled in another college at University Park, please use our online form to submit a question. Use your Penn State email. Alternatively, you can submit a change of major request on Update Academics in LionPATH. At this time, we cannot assist with any questions/requests by phone.

At another Penn State campus

To meet with a DUS adviser at your campus, please contact the Academic Advising Center directly.

Emails and Advising

When emailing your adviser, please use your Penn State email account. Also, make sure to include your name and your student ID number. Remember that emails are not text messages and should use professional language. Keep in mind that most problems are better able to be solved during an appointment. We are happy to answer quick questions via e-mail. However, email is not a substitute for advising appointments.