Brian Petrosky

Undergraduate Studies Adviser and DUS Programs Coordinator, College of Health and Human Development
Latrobe, PA
B.S. in Special Education, Minor in Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State
M.Ed. in College Student Affairs, College Counseling Option, Penn State
Penn Stater since: 
The fall of 1997 when I was a first-year student in the College of Engineering.
I truly love to help people recognize meaning in day-to-day activities or past experiences and to encourage folks to actively engage in the present with an awareness that choices affect the future.

My favorite place I have traveled is... Anywhere because I like to drive, but the best trips are when my immediate family visits relatives. I don’t mind flying, but it’s just not my thing.

My Bucket List consists of... Nothing. Having things undone makes me grumpy. I’d rather just do things as they come up.

My childhood dream was to play second base for the Pirates.

In my spare time, I follow sports, cook, fix things, and ponder or research whatever is most interesting to me moment-to-moment.

You may not know this about me, but I was a THON Dancer twice (’00 and ’01) and served as a Family Relations captain in ’02.

My grandmother always said that ‘Patience is a virtue.’ 

To satisfy my sweet tooth, I enjoy salty things. I just don’t like the sweet stuff. I’d rather have seconds on dinner than dessert. My partner once made me a double-layer meatloaf ‘cake’ with mashed potato ‘frosting’ for my birthday.

Full-body shot of Brian Petrosky. White, middle-aged male with both hands in pockets.