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Study Skills


Foundations on Reading and Note-Taking

  • Active Reading 
    Take the iStudy tutorial to help you recall and apply information you obtain through printed text.
  • Finding a Good Place to Study
    One of the keys to effective studying is finding a good location.
  • The Learning Scientists
    View or print different posters to learn about guided study practices and techniques.
  • Note Taking
    See this Penn State Learning resource that guides you through taking notes in class, effective listening, and the five R’s of note taking.
  • Note Taking II
    View this quick guide to learn “The Cornell Note-Taking System.”
  • Reading Comprehension
    See this Penn State Learning resource that focuses on study/reading methods, speed reading, and the do’s and don’ts of highlighting.

Preparing for Exams

  • Getting Prepared for a Test: Start Now
    In this module, we’ll share some strategies for effective test prep, give suggestions on how to organize your notes for studying, and discuss test anxiety.
  • Test Anxiety
    Take this iStudy tutorial to learn about the different types of test anxiety and what you can do to help test anxiety.
  • Test Anxiety II 
    View this checklist designed by Oregon State University that includes tips for managing test anxiety.
  • Test Taking
    Take this iStudy tutorial to help you learn ways to become a better test-taker. It also walks you through different types of testing, assessment, and evaluation.

Time Management

  • Time Management
    Being able to plan and prioritize activities is an important skill to obtain so that you can complete class assignments and projects on time without denying yourself a social life, recreational activities, or other items that are important to you.
  • Time Estimator
  • Time Management Calculator
    This time management calculator shows you what your week may look like depending on the number of credits you take.
  • Tackling Time Management
    Create a Weekly Timetable


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