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A balanced schedule of academics, extracurricular activities, and personal well-being that leaves room for the unexpected is the goal. It is critical to know the available resources for academic assistance and use them at the first sign of difficulty.—Rice University

I Need Help with... Study Skills & Time Management


Study Skills

  • Active Reading 
    Take the iStudy tutorial to help you recall and apply information you obtain through printed text.
  • Concept Maps 
    Take this iStudy tutorial to understand “concept mapping,” a visual and active thinking technique to help you structure thoughts, illustrate in-depth ideas, and show relationships between and among them.
  • Evaluate Study Locations 
    Take this short quiz to determine whether your study locations are full of distractions or are mostly distraction free.
  • iStudy tutorials 
    View Penn State’s comprehensive list of study tutorials, which include categories to help you succeed in school, in life, and on the job.
  • Learning Online - Are Your Ready? 
    Take this iStudy tutorial to determine your readiness for taking online courses. .
  • Note Taking
    Take this iStudy tutorial to improve your note-taking strategies.
  • Note Taking II 
    See this Penn State Learning resource that guides you through taking notes in class, effective listening, and the five R’s of note taking.
  • Note Taking III 
    View this quick guide to learn “The Cornell Note-Taking System.”
  • Reading Comprehension
    See this Penn State Learning resource that focuses on study/reading methods, speed reading, and the do’s and don’ts of highlighting.
  • Taking Breaks from Studying
    Learn about the benefits of taking breaks to relax, de-stress, and clear your mind.
  • Text Anxiety
    Take this iStudy tutorial to learn about the different types of test anxiety and what you can do to help test anxiety.
  • Test Anxiety II 
    View this checklist designed by Oregon State University that includes tips for managing test anxiety.
  • Test-Taking
    Take this iStudy tutorial to help you learn ways to become a better test-taker. It also walks you through different types of testing, assessment, and evaluation.
  • Utilize Instructors Office Hours
    Visit with your instructors, but plan ahead to make the best use of time.

Time Management

  • Goal Setting Worksheet
    Use this worksheet designed to help you set and achieve SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, relevant, time-oriented) goals.
  • Managing Procrastination
    Get help with motivation and procrastination management.
  • Time Management
    Get help with time management through these Oregon State University resources, including a weekly to-do worksheet, a weekly calendar worksheet, and a time management video.
  • Time Management II
    Take this iStudy tutorial to learn to prioritize your time, determine long-term goals, and avoid pitfalls like procrastination.
  • Use a Monthly Planner
    Use a basic planner to help you manage your assignments, exams, and appointments. Find others through Amazon or the Penn State Bookstore.