Academic Advising Noon Seminars Archive

Academic Advising Noon Seminar Archive

Academic Advising Noon Seminar Archive
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Noon Seminar: Progress Reporting Follow-up

How to use Starfish to find students who may need additional advising support and discuss recommended practices for documenting outreach and follow-up efficiently. 

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Dr. Heather Atkinson, Academic Adviser, Division of Undergraduate Studies

Supporting Student Success through Important Policy and Procedural Changes

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Dr. Christine Masters, Assistant Dean for Academic Support and Global Programs, College of Engineering;
Dr. David R. Smith, Associate Dean for Advising and Executive Director of the Division of Undergraduate Studies

Starfish Updates

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Dr. Janet Schulenberg, Associate Director, DUS;
Dr. Heather Atkinson, Academic Adviser and Starfish Associate, DUS

Working with Sponsored Students

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William Shuey, Sponsored Relations Manager, Global Programs;
Emily Quick, Sponsored Relations Coordinator, Global Programs 

Preparing Faculty Senate Petitions

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Michele Stine, Chair of the Senate Committee on Education
Joyce Furfaro, Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Education

Concept Mapping as a Reflective Tool

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Carrie Egnosak, Terry Musser, Tanja St. Pierre

Legal Issues in Academic Advising

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Zahraa Zalzala, Assistant General Counsel, Penn State

Crash Course: Health Professions

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Alicia Kehn, M.Ed., Academic Program Coordinator
David Cassiday, M.A., Academic Program Coordinator
Patricia Hunt, M.S., Academic Program Coordinator; Penn State University, Eberly College of Science Advising Center

Identifying and Navigating Ethical Challenges in Advising

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Dr. Tim Balliett, University Ethics Officer and Director for the Center for Character, Conscience and Public Purpose

Educational Equity: Scholars Programs, Report Bias, and more.

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Alina Wong and Natalie James

Promoting Student Metacognition: How to Study to Learn

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- Jackie Bortiatynski, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Director, Center for Excellence in Science Education
- John Waters, Assistant Department Head, Biology
- Josh Wede, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology,

Office for General Education: Connecting Curiosity and Career

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Maggie Slattery, Assistant Dean for General Education and Director

Office of Student Disability Resources: Variety of Topic

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Keith Jervis, Director of Student Disability Resources

Title IX: What Academic Advisers Need to Know

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Amy Cotner

Introduction to the Student Engagement Network

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Mike Zeman

Coming Together to Help Students Maximize Their Penn State Experience: A Roundtable Discussion

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Open Discussion


The Religious and Spiritual Climate at Penn State and How Academic Advisers Can Be Supportive

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Bob Smith, Director of the Pasquerilla Center and Eisenhower Chapel


Be the Difference by Making a Difference

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Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity

They're Here: the New Drop Policies

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Terry Musser
Alyssa Bumbaugh

Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in Your Workplace

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Jennifer Eury

Curricular Differences: ENGL 015 and ESL 015

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Deryn Verity, Erica Fleming

College Student Mental Health: Equipping Advisers to Refer and Care for Students

Stacy Jones, Mary Anne Knapp, Megan Marshall, Joan Miller, Suzanne Zeman

EPPIC Success: Advanced English for International Students at Penn State

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Meredith Doran

Homeless Students and Penn State’s Mission to Provide All Pennsylvania Residents Access to Higher Education

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Cyekeia Lee

ALEKS: What Have We Learned about Placement, Remediation, and Performance?

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Tanya Furman, Janet Schulenberg, Andrew Watters
3/2/15 The Path to LionPATH: Advising Updates Rhea Leydig, Tim Radio
2/6/15 FERPA: What Advisers Need to Know (and what can happen when they don't) Robert Kubat, David Dulabon

Faculty Senate Petitions: What Advisers Need to Know (related documents)

Anna Butler, Daniel Hagen, Erica Smithwick, Ann Taylor
9/15/2014 Meet the University Registrar Robert Kubat
3/18/2014 Does Media Influence Choice of Major? Anne Hoag

ALEKS: The Impact of Changes in Math Assessment, Improvement, and Placement

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James Sellers, Tanya Furman, Janet Schulenberg
1/28/2014 Analyzing Student Performance in First-Year Math Classes: Updates and New Initiatives James Hager
10/23/2013 Using Career Services Resources in Academic Advising: Best Practices Matt Ishler, Laurie Verost
10/1/2013 The University Undergraduate Advising Handbook Is Changing! Jeff Sechler, Laura Brown
9/13/2013 Course Substitution Petitioning Process Penny Carlson
3/20/2013 Update on Student Information System (ISIS) Replacement Project Karen Schultz
2/11/2013 Transfer Credits: What They Are and How to Use Them Kathryn Gaylord-Miles, Susan Sanders
1/18/2013 Advising for Education Abroad Kristi Wormhoudt, Kate Fox, Amber Evans
11/7/2012 Preparing Penn State Students for Medical School Ronald Markle
9/24/2012 Discover the Knowledge Commons Joe Fennewald
2/20/2012 Preparing for Law School Edward Wangler
1/30/2012 What’s the UAC? Members of the University Advising Council
11/9/2011 Student and Family Services: An Advising Resource Joe Puzycki, JoAnna Thomas
10/10/2011 Credit Overload: Policy, Advising Issues, and Best Practices Melissa Kunes, Karen Schultz, Eric White
9/2/2011 GQ News: Math 2011–2012 James Sellers
3/1/2011 Advising for Global Citizenship Elena Galinova
2/2/2011 Utilizing “Helping Profession” (Counseling) Skills in Advising Rachel Andrews
1/20/2011 Summer Sessions: Advising Issues and Best Practices Yvonne Gaudelius, Melissa Kunes, Karen Schultz
11/3/2010 Building the Relationship: Advisers and Student Aid Staff Melissa Kunes, Bonnie Benjamin
10/1/2010 Policies and Petitions: What Advisers Should Know about University Faculty Senate Activities Anna Butler, Susan Youtz, Gary Fosmire, Jean Landa Pytel
9/2/2010 GQ News: MATH 2010–2011 Mary Erickson
4/12/2010 Assessing Advising: What Has Been Done and How You Can Do It Terry Musser
3/1/2010 Career Services and Academic Advising: Making the Connection Matt Ishler
2/5/2010 What to Say When You Hear, "I Think I Might Want to Go to Law School" Barbara Rayman
11/4/2009 What Every Adviser Show Know about Fellowships Ruth Mendum
4/14/2009 Meet the Registrar Karen Schultz
1/30/2009 2008 Excellence in Advising Award Winners Lester Griel, Lori Gravish, Paul Heinemann
11/10/2008 Graceful Exit: Get Ready, Get Set, Graduate! Ro Nwranski
10/13/2008 Concurrent Majors: Current Policy and Practices Christine Meyer, Jamey Perry
3/26/2008 Continuing Education Programs and Services News Rebecca Beatty, Betsy Esposito
2/22/2008 Introducing e-Testing William Kerr
11/30/2007 University Libraries: Resources for Academic Advisers and Advisees Daniel Mack, Emily Rimland, Anne Behler
10/31/2007 World Campus News: What Advisers Need to Know Jean McGrath, Richard Brungard, Karen Lesch
9/13/2006 Academic Advising and Civic Engagement: Learning Opportunities Mary Lou Munn, Deb Dworsky, Beth Bradley, Gina Hurny
3/27/2006 Quantification: Supporting Students in Distress Myrna Covington
3/22/2006 General Education Quantification: Alternatives to Mathematics faculty from various departments
2/10/2006 Math Course Selection: Advising Best Practices and Potential Pitfalls James Sellers
11/7/2005 The Best Advice on Web Courses John Harwood
10/17/2005 What Every Adviser Needs to Know about Study Abroad Julia Beth Grim, Kristi Wormhoudt, Anthony Ogden
3/16/2005 Academic Advising for LGBT Students: Information, Sensitivity, and Understanding Allison Subasic
2/16/2005 Communicating the Role of General Education Scott Kretchmar
10/27/2004 All Things Military: Implications for Academic Advising Brian Clark, William Lloyd, Kaye Keith, Robert Malloy
9/10/2004 Keeping Up with Curricular Changes: Resources for Advisers Doug Brown
3/15/2004 Advising International Students Jim Lynch
2/20/2004 The Relations Project Meets Penn State Advisers Race Relations Project
11/12/2003 Race Matters in Advising: A Politically Incorrect Discussion Sam Richards, Laurie Mulvey
10/24/2003 Petitioning the Faculty Senate Susan Youtz, Arthur Miller
2/19/2003 Mike Leonard
1/29/2003 Advising and e-Portfolios Glenn Johnson
11/25/2002 Effective Connections: Academic Advisers & Career Services Ellen Houser
11/6/2002 The University Advising Council: Best Practices in Advising Barbara Welshofer, Eric White
4/17/2002 eLion Academic Review Application Mike Leonard
2/22/2002 Independent Learning/World Campus: What Every Adviser Should Know Gerry Goff
11/19/2001 What Advisers Should Know about the Bachelor of Philosophy Degree Jeremy Cohen
10/24/2001 Academic Advising--Helping Students to "Get" General Education Eric White, Marilyn Keat
2/19/2001 Communicating through E-Mail: Students' and Advisers' Expectations Wes Lipschultz, Dan Merson
1/22/2001 Law School Preparation for Students in Any Major Elena DeLuca
11/1/2000 Assessing Academic Advising Jim Levin, Eric White
10/23/2000 Things Every Adviser Should Know about UFOs Mary Gage
9/25/2000 Helping Students Make the Most of Learning Resources Ann McLaren
3/3/2000 Advising Students in Any Major about Preparing for Healthcare Professions Amy Leddy
2/21/2000 Helping Students Develop a Model for Academic Success Robert Fedorchak
11/10/1999 Student Aid: What Every Adviser Should Know Student Aid staff
10/25/1999 The Secrets to Success: Advising Strategies to Help Students Understand the Penn State Learning Environment Robert Fedorchak
4/19/1999 Alternate Means of Credit Acquisition Mary Adams, Charlene Harrison
11/6/1998 New Developments in CAAIS (Comprehensive Academic Advising and Information System) Gary Hile, Mike Leonard, Jim Levin
10/26/1998 Advising and the Data Warehouse, What's the Connection? Yvonne Riley
9/28/1998 Advising Students with Learning Disabilities Marianne Karwacki
2/6/1998 Recognizing and Referring Students in Crisis Joyce Illfelder-Kaye, Jennifer Harp
10/30/1997 Degree Audit--Let's Discuss It! Anne Kepler, Shelie Dershem, Julie Gibboney
9/16/1997 The University Undergraduate Advising Handbook: What's New Diane Greenfield, Laura Brown
11/15/1996 Advising for "The Penn State Education:" A New View of General Education Robert Pangborn
10/2/1996 Student Aid: Should It Affect Academic Advising? Ro Nwranski
3/25/1996 Academic Advising for Students Interested in Study Abroad Katie Porter
2/26/1996 The Penn State Adviser Joyce Buck, Stan Supon, Eric White
12/4/1995 Listening Skills for Academic Advisers Joyce Buck, Terry Musser, Stan Supon
11/17/1995 Working with the Registrar's Office Garry Burkle
10/25/1995 Sharing Resources: What's in Print and Where Can I Get It? Laura Brown
4/18/1995 Assessing Advising: Can We Get Feedback? James Levin
3/16/1995 Computers and Advising: What's Ahead? Gary Hile, Mike Leonard
2/15/1995 Working with Student Support Services Diana Kenepp, Mike Blanco
1/24/1995 Brainstorming--Suggested Topics