What You Will Learn

DUS students will learn how a Penn State education can help them become the kind of people they want to be. Academic advisers in DUS are experts in helping students on this journey and provide opportunities to learn about:

  • the purposes of higher education
  • the connections between personal interests, life goals, and academic opportunities
  • the relationships between majors and careers
  • educational opportunities such as study abroad programs, research assistantships, leadership activities, and internships

To facilitate this learning, the Division of Undergraduate Studies connects students to Academic Advising  and to a suite of Exploratory Resources.

Plan Your Education

The Division of Undergraduate Studies helps students plan a meaningful education; at Penn State this educational experience includes three essential components:

  • General Education—the foundation of a university education. General Education provides breadth of knowledge and exposes students to learning in key areas such as critical thinking and effective communication.
  • A major—the central focus of a degree program. Students should select majors that provide opportunities to study subjects important to them.
  • Engagement in out-of-class learning—including undergraduate research, study abroad, and service learning.

In all three of these areas, students should make intentional, well-informed decisions. Academic advisers help students with this through one-on-one appointments and use of exploratory resources.