Student Engagement - Brianna Bryant

Headshot of a smiling Brianna Bryant.

What activities are you engaged in outside the classroom?

  • Minorities in Sports club (MiS) : I am currently the events coordinator for MiS. I chose to engage in this club because it is my dream to work within the sports management industry. Additionally this club is filled with other minorities who share the same passion and love for the sports. MiS connects students with professionals working within athletics while also helping us find internship and networking opportunities. Both the members and opportunities are what caused me to engage in the club.
  • National Association of Black Accounts club (NABA) - I am the current secretary for NABA. I joined this club because it acts as a networking club that connects its members with professionals working within business. It also helps with finding job, and internship opportunities. While also helping its members with professional development. It is opened to all business majors, related majors, and those interested in business or the Smeal certificate. The opportunities in addition to the members is what caused me to engage in this club.
  • Video Internship for Penn State Football - I am a video manager for Penn State Football. This internship is a great way for me to get my foot in the door, in addition to allowing me the opportunity to work within the sports industry. Furthermore, it gives me the opportunity to explore different areas of the industry, while also networking with the football staff.

What did you hope to gain/have already learned from the experience? 

  • MIS : This was the first club that I joined on campus. My hope was to make friends who shared an interest in sports. I also hoped to gain networking opportunities and to learn more about the sports management industry. I was able to gain all of these aspects and was even able to learn about my internship through this club and connect with the Penn State Football staff. My internship was not posted online, it was a word of mouth opportunity.  
  • NABA: I hoped to gain connections within the business  industry and also meet new people who were also interested within the field. I was able to find new friends through this club and receive several professional development skills such as LinkedIn tips, and networking tips. Additionally I have learned how to stand out as a professional. 
  • Football Internship: I hoped to gain experience in the sports industry, network and learn from the football staff and also figure out which field I am most interested in. I was able to gain all of this and more ! This internship has brought me an abundance of opportunities and experiences. Yet most importantly I have gained a second family within the team.

How did each experience make you a better student? 

  • MIS: This club assisted me in becoming  a better student by helping me come out of my shell. As a result I am more willing to speak up in and out of the classroom. 
  • NABA: This club has taught me tips and tricks with networking. Additionally  the senior members have provided me with an abundance of advice about how to strive within Penn State, within specific classes, and socially.
  • Football internship: This internship has taught me a lot about time management ! Being a video Intern is extremely time consuming so it is important to know how to balance my school work, social life, and internship. Most importantly it has helped me become more mature and cautious about my actions. My actions now affect more than just me, it also impacts the team and it’s image ! 

Did your engagement help you explore majors? 

  • Yes my engagement helped me to explore different areas of the sports industry, while also having a hands on experience. Furthermore it has helped me explore the business industry and figure out which path works best for me. 
Anticipated Major: 
Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management; Sports Studies minor