NSO Information for DUS Students

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is a two-day program intended to help first-year students successfully transition into life at Penn State. Prior to arriving at NSO all students should complete the assigned orientation homework. On the second day of the NSO program,  families are invited to the DUS College Advising Meeting presentation in W201 Westgate Building at 1:30pm. During this presentation, families will be introduced to DUS advising, the exploratory process, and strategies to maximize academic success. Parents will remain in the presentation for more information about DUS advising and available resources.

Students will check-in at E205 Westgate Building at 1:30pm to begin schedule planning. Students typically end the session between 4:30 and 5:00. When working with their assigned adviser, students will have the opportunity to share their interests and academic goals. Advisers will ask students about their previous educational experiences, preferred subjects to study, and subjects to minimize to help students identify course options. Advisers will also offer course recommendations based on intended majors, as well as, academic readiness. In addition, students will learn how to interpret their course placement information to inform scheduling options. Students will also be given a brief introduction to entrance-to-major requirements and general education requirements at Penn State, and will leave the afternoon session with an appropriate schedule for their intended goals. 

NSO Assessment

This NSO Assessment is intended to help reinforce vital information you learned during your advising session at orientation. This assessment should be completed at the end of the advising session prior to leaving orientation.

NSO Student Tools

The Undergraduate Advising Handbook has many helpful tools and resources for students and families. One especially useful tool for students learning to register for classes is the LionPATH Course Scheduling Guide.


In addition to NSO, there are other opportunities for students to become acclimated to the university. Students admitted to the summer session can participate in LEAP, which allows first-year students to take summer classes in a small group. Students who participate in LEAP will earn credit for their first-year seminar. LEAP students take two courses, live together in the same residence hall, and have an upper class student mentor to guide them through their first semester. (Students admitted to fall semester can change their admission to summer by contacting the Admissions Office if they'd like to be a part of LEAP.)

Welcome Week

Welcome Week provides incoming first-year students the opportunity to become familiar with the campus, learn about student life at University Park, attend the DUS Dean's Meeting, and explore involvement opportunities.