Listservs and Newsletters

To learn more about a college or major you're considering, you can sign up for specific listservs, newsletters, etc., related to that college/major. If the college/major you're interested in doesn't have any information listed below, contact the department directly.

Agricultural Sciences

DUS students may sign up for the Agricultural Sciences student newsletter by sending an e-mail request to Alyssa Bumbaugh. They can also check out a video overview of each AGSci major.

Arts and Architecture

DUS students can get information about the College of Arts and Architecture from its News website and by subscribing to the Arts and Entertainment Penn State Newswire.

Smeal College of Business

DUS students can sign up on the web for the Smeal College listserv for first- and second-year students.


DUS students who would like to be added to the College of Communications first-year listserv should contact Kyrie Harding after the first ten days of the semester. Students will need to make this request each semester if they wish to remain on the listserv.

Earth and Mineral Sciences

DUS students may sign up for the Earth and Mineral Sciences listserv by calling the EMS Student Center at 814-863-2751. EMS Undergraduate Announcements publishes news about student events, academics, club meetings, and jobs/internships.


A listserv for DUS students interested in majors in the College of Education is not available.

Health and Human Development

DUS students may sign up for the Health and Human Development listserv by sending an e-mail request to Margaret Sebastianelli.

Information Sciences and Technology

iConnect is a good source of information about news and events in the College of Information Sciences and Technology.

Liberal Arts

Sociology and Criminology advisers publish newsletters every fall and spring semester for Sociology and Criminology majors. The newsletters include academic announcements, information about the department, and news about upcoming activities and student accomplishments.

These majors also have online newsletters available:

The Psychology major has a listserv that students can subscribe to by sending an e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTS.PSU.EDU. In the body of the message (not the subject line), begin with a blank line, then type the following: SUBSCRIBE L-PSYMAJOR your name.

To be added to the French (major or minor), Italian (major or minor), or Spanish (major or minor) listservs, contact the respective departments.

Students can join the listserv for the Business and the Liberal Arts minor by sending an e-mail to (No subject or message text is required.)

Eberly College of Science

To sign up for the college's Undergraduate Student Weekly E-Newsletter, see details at

To sign up for the Premedicine & Prehealth E-Newsletter, see details at

To sign up for departmental listservs, contact the email addresses below: