Enrollment in DUS

The Division of Undergraduate Studies is Penn State's enrollment unit for students who want to explore the University's academic opportunities before deciding on a field of study and for students in transition from one college or major to another.

DUS encourages its students to meet their academic potentials through well-informed educational planning, as well as through meaningful experiences such as internships, education abroad, public scholarship, research, and student organizations.

So, who enrolls in DUS?

Exploratory Students

Approximately 80 percent of Penn State's beginning students express some degree of uncertainty about their choice of major. Many also tell us that they know very little about the fields they are considering. Some students change majors five or six times before graduation. Students enroll in DUS because they realize they are not ready to make a decision about their academic direction.

Students In Transition

Students who have been enrolled at the University and change their academic goals may enroll in DUS to explore new fields and/or to facilitate the change to a different program of study. After these students decide on an educational plan and meet the requirements, they transfer into their new major.

When Can Students Enroll In DUS?

Entering Penn State students may request enrollment in DUS through the Penn State admission process. Visit the Undergraduate Admissions Office website for more information.

Current Penn State students may request enrollment in DUS at any time. Students at the University Park campus may go to the lobby of Grange Building to speak to a DUS adviser between 8:15–11:30 a.m. and 1:15–4:30 p.m. most weekdays. At other campuses, students should go to their campus's Academic Advising Center.

DUS Enrollment Requirements

DUS students must fulfill the same admission requirements as students entering any of Penn State's liberal arts/professional colleges.

How Long Do Students Remain In DUS?

There is no minimum time limit for DUS enrollment. DUS students may transfer to a college or major when they are qualified and ready to do so. But there is a maximum time limit for DUS enrollment. Students may remain in DUS for two semesters beyond their first year at Penn State. Entering first-year students may stay in DUS for up to two years.

Since DUS does not grant degrees, when students complete their DUS enrollment, they enter a college or major.

Will DUS Enrollment Increase A Student's Time At Penn State?

No; students who begin their enrollment in DUS graduate in the same length of time as other Penn State students.