Discover House Resident Assistant - Katerina Hernandez

Brown haired college age student. Hello! My name is Katerina Hernandez, and I am the Resident Assistant for Discover House. I am so excited to assist you as you learn and grow during your time at Penn State. Discover House is a floor full of friendly students who are exploring all the wonderful educational and career opportunities that the university has to offer!

I am a junior majoring in Health Policy and Administration with a minor in Information Sciences and Technology in Health Policy and Administration. During my first year, I had changed my major three times and ended up switching my college. After looking through several majors in my field of interest, talking with advisors, taking different classes, and attending seminars, I came across my current major and have not looked back since.

In addition to being a Resident Assistant, I am also a part of a language club, health administration club, and the president of a religious chapter on campus. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, cooking, baking, skating, and skiing. During my time at Penn State, I have explored many clubs, activities, interests, and have met so many great people, and I wish to help you all do the same during your time at Penn State, all while exploring a field you love.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or advice! My door is open, and I am here to help you with anything you may need! Here is to a great year!