Discover House Frequently Asked Questions

Discover House

Prospective Students' Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Discover House?

Discover House is on the 5th floor of Beaver Hall in the Pollock Halls Residential Area.  Pollock is just steps away from the center of campus, South Halls, and downtown State College. The Pollock Halls Residential Area is home to primarily first-year students.

Can I live in Discover House if I'm not in the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)?

If you are a first-year student who wants to explore Penn State opportunities, has some uncertainty about finding your niche at the University, wants to make the most of what is offered, and wants to live with others who are "in the same boat" then the answer is YES! You can be in any college and live in Discover House!

Does it cost more to live in Discover House?

No. In spite of all the benefits there is no additional charge. The house has traditional double rooms

If I want to live in Discover House can I request a roommate?

Yes, if your roommate wants to explore and participate in Discover House activities.

When I visit campus can I tour the house?

Since the floor is currently home to about 70 students, tours are not available. 

Can I contact a student who lives in the house to hear about the experience?

The Discover House program assistant would be happy to hear from you and respond to your questions about life in the house. Contact information is on the Discover House staff page.

The floor is co-ed?  What's the set-up?

Yes, the floor is co-ed.  Men live on one end of the floor, women on the other; there are two designated bathrooms at each end of the floor. Check out the floorplan.

How do I know if space is available?

All residence hall requests are handled by the Assignment Office.  Typically, the Special Living Option fills and there is a waiting list.  But if past years are a guide, just about every student who requests the house is accommodated. To guarantee your spot, make your request by April 1.   

How do I request Discover House?

Within a month after accepting your offer of admission to the University, you will receive an email with a link to eLiving, where you will find Discover House listed as a Special Living Option. When you submit your eLiving request, choose SPECIAL LIVING OPTION and then Discover House as your first preference.