Choose Your Courses

You are encouraged to work with your assigned adviser to finalize your course selections, but you should start your planning before that advising meeting. The steps below will help you create an initial schedule plan. You have until the end of the drop/add period of next semester to fine-tune your schedule.

Course selections should draw on:

  • The requirements of the majors and minors you’re considering
  • Your long-range plans
  • Your intellectual curiosity

To get started:

  1. Find out when you can start enrolling in classes for next semester.

    You can begin enrolling in classes at 12:01 a.m. on your enrollment date, which is listed in your LionPATH Student Center.

  2. Identify courses required for your possible major(s).

    Pay specific attention to courses recommended in the first two years, courses required for entrance to major, and courses that are prerequisite to other degree requirements.

    Use the “Suggested Academic Plan” and “How to Get In” sections of your intended major.

    A What-If Report or your Unofficial Transcript will show what you have completed.

    Reflect on your grades and interest level in current courses. Consider how this could inform your future choices.

    Use the GPA Calculator to see where you might land at the end of the semester.        

  3. Select additional courses to complete a 15-17 credit hour semester schedule.

    Ideally, these courses relate to your long-range plans and/or your intellectual curiosity. Seek courses about topics that are important to you. At the beginning of the semester, review and carefully consider these guiding questions to ensure that you have created a balanced schedule.

    Pay specific attention to General Education categories you have not completed.

    Identify General Education categories that you have not yet completed on a What-If Report. This worksheet breaks down the General Education categories and their credit requirements.

    Use the Additional Search Criteria option in LionPATH’s Search for Classes to identify all available courses in a particular General Education category.

    Consider courses from possible minors.

  4. Use LionPATH to enroll in the courses you selected, viewing this as your start-up plan.
  5. If you haven’t done so yet, meet with your academic adviser.

    Review your overall goals and the schedule you built during a scheduled appointment with your academic adviser. Your adviser may recommend some alterations based on that conversation.