Scott Fotorny

Systems Administrator
Windsor, NY
Lock Haven University
Penn Stater since: 

I have two cats and a shichon: Kennedy, Benny, and Lucy.

The most unusual thing in my office is a piece of sheet-metal from a NASCAR racing truck.

My childhood nickname was “Fort."

In my spare time, I split wood, by hand, for our wood-stove.

You may not know this about me, but I’ve been writing an epic fiction novel and screen-play the past four years.

Something someone told me that I still live by today: “Work will be there tomorrow."

When it comes to sports, I root for the NY Giants.

If I could only listen to one band the rest of my life it would be REO Speedwagon.

If I could only have one book to read, it would be The Bible.

I love to read books by C.S. Lewis.

My hidden talent is... (see answers above for spare time and what you don't know about me).

Systems Administrator Scott Fotorny