Richard Brungard

Undergraduate Studies Adviser
Watsontown, PA
B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management, University of Houston
M.S. in Hospitality and Tourism, University of Wisconsin-Stout
M.Ed. in Adult Education, Penn State
Penn Stater since: 
Getting to know students and helping them realize their academic goals is what motivates me to continue doing the work I do.

My favorite place I have traveled is India. In 2000, I traveled around southern India as part of my graduate program. It was amazing to experience a culture so completely different from the one I grew up in. It helped me put into perspective what is important and maybe not so important at home.

My nickname is Rich.

My favorite job growing up was working in an ice cream shop.

You may not know this about me, and it's hard to believe now, but I was on the 1987 University of Houston Homecoming Court and the third runner up for Mr. U of H.

Something someone told me that I still live by today is "What comes around, goes around." In other words, what you put out into the world, you receive tenfold.

To satisfy my sweet tooth, I enjoy ice cream, cookies, cake, chocolate, pie, etc.

I am proud that I am the first one in my family to go to college and I got into a career I love.

Academic Adviser Richard Brungard