Jeff Gugino

Assistant Director of Building Operations
Lock Haven, PA
A.A. in Radio and TV, York College of PA
B.A. in General Arts and Sciences, Penn State
M.Ed. in Counselor Education, Penn State
L.M.T., Finger Lakes School of Massage
Penn Stater since: 
I was a Penn State student in the late 80’s. After a couple of years in Atlanta I took my first Penn State job as an Admissions Counselor. The College of the Liberal Arts gave me a start in advising which I did for 10 years. Then to add a little twist to my professional life, I went to the Finger Lakes School of Massage and became a licensed massage therapist, and took on the role as that school's registrar. As often happens, I have come full circle. I find myself back home and working as Assistant Director of Operations and an academic adviser for the Division of Undergraduate Studies.
What an amazing opportunity I have as an Academic Adviser…I get to talk with Penn State students as they create and “mold” their Academic Story.

I have two dogs - a Chocolate Lab named Flora and a rescue puppy named Stone. What makes them the happiest is a run in the woods and romaine lettuce stems.

My favorite job growing up was Camp Counselor at Krislund from 1981-1986.

In my spare time. I love to trail run. In the winter I have to run with a head lamp and sheet metal screws in my shoes. I also love cross-country skiing, tailgating with the Cool Bus, motorcycling, and just plain wallowing in the outdoors.

I like to collect Honda Motorcycles – I have a 1974 XR75 (my favorite childhood birthday present), a 1988 Shadow and 1977 Gold Wing.

My Bucket List consists of places I would like to see and things I hope to accomplish before I kick the Bucket.

I love to read books by Christopher Moore.

My favorite things to eat are hot Buffalo chicken wings.

Advisers Advise; Students Decide

Academic Adviser Jeff Gugino