Feryne McSweeny

Undergraduate Studies Adviser
State College, PA
B.S. Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University
M.S. School Counseling, University of Rochester
Penn Stater since: 
“Ninety-eight percent of the things you will learn in college, will not come from your textbooks.” – My great-grandfather who never graduated high school, and I promise you he was right. Your time at Penn State will teach you so much more about yourself, others, the world around you, and what you are capable of overcoming.

You may not know this about me, but my name is pronounced "Fair-in" (not fern). I really do love ferns though and I've got some great nicknames that came from having my name mispronounced! I'll always ask if I pronounced your name properly, and I genuinely want to be corrected if I didn't.

Something I often remind myself, is to take everything one step at a time. *Deep breath* What's the next best step you can take in this moment? Focus on that.

Other places I have lived include Rochester (NY), Riverton (WY), and Chattanooga (TN) – but Happy Valley will always be home.

My childhood dream was to become a geologist – I freaking love rocks. Ever want to just ponder how long the rock you're sitting on has existed? Yes?! Great, we're going to be awesome friends.

A transformative moment in my college career was realizing there's more than one way to define success. We don't all have to walk the same paths or even at the same pace. You get to decide who you want to be, how you want to be, and when you want to be… I get the joy of helping you to explore your options.

My bucket list consists of skydiving (tandem – absolutely no way do I trust myself to be responsible enough with a parachute) and traveling. I love spontaneous road trips, so pretty much everywhere is on my bucket list!

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