Emily Herr

Administrative Coordinator
Howard, PA
B.A. in Spanish, Penn State University
Penn Stater since: 
1999 when I started college here.

I have the following pets: two cats, Captain Jack and Belle.Jack was a farm cat and he acts more like a dog than a cat. Belle was found along with her two brothers behind a local high school when she was only a couple weeks old and my sister bottle-fed them until they were old enough to be adopted.

In my spare time I knit, cross-stitch, bake and go to auctions.

When it comes to sports, I (enjoy playing/watching/rooting for/avoid them…)…enjoy watching Pittsburgh sports, Penn State football and Penn State wrestling!

You may not know this about me, but I speak 4 different languages – English, Spanish, Italian and French and I started to learn Norwegian because Norway has always interested me and I would like to travel there someday.

Administrative Coordinator Emily Herr