Apply to live in Discover House

photo of FA15 Discover House residents in red flannel shirts


Within a month after accepting your offer of admission to the University, you will receive an email with a link to eLiving, where you will need to specify Discover House as your first option. Follow these steps to update your preferences to request Discover House:

Please do NOT use Google Chrome due to incompatibility issues.

  1. Log on to eLiving
  2. Click Update Preferences
  3. Click on the link for your Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract
  4. In the Residence Area Preference section, select Pollock Halls for Choice 1
  5. In the Roommate Preferences section, you may enter the name of a preferred roommate, if desired. This is not required.
  6. In the Special Living Option Preference section, select Discover House for Choice 1
  7. In the Preference Ranking section, select Special Living Option as #1 ("Most important to you") in order to specify Discover House as your preferred living option.
  8. Continue clicking Next until the last page of the contract and click Accept Contract to submit. NOTE: Your progress will not be saved until you click ACCEPT CONTRACT.

QUESTIONS ABOUT DISCOVER HOUSE? Contact Brittany Baker, Discover House Program Coordinator, via email at