Academic Advising Seminars

Fall 2019 seminars

What are they? Forums for discussing academic advising

Who’s invited? All faculty and staff (please spread the word)

Why attend? To network, share how-to’s, and learn about advising resources

Preparing Faculty Senate Petitions

Tuesday, October 1, noon–1:00 pm
118 ASI Building

Presenters:  To be updated.

Description coming soon!

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Working with Sponsored Students

Thursday, November 7, noon–1:00 pm
118 ASI Building

Presenters:  Carrie Martins, Sponsored Relations Coordinator, Global Programs; William Shuey

Penn State has the second largest sponsored student population of any U.S. university. Sponsored students must meet Penn State academic requirements while also meeting requirements set by their sponsoring organizations. At the intersection of academic advising, immigration advising, and sponsor oversight, sponsored students often find themselves in conflict.  This workshop will first establish a baseline of knowledge regarding sponsored students by asking for attendees to share their experiences and discuss common themes. Sponsored Relations will then review who sponsored students are and how they can be identified. Next, Sponsored Relations will provide attendees with case studies that present complex challenges to be discussed in small groups, including adding unapproved concurrent majors, registering for extra online courses, failing to enter the sponsor-approved major, and retroactive withdrawal. Finally, Sponsored Relations will  work through each situation step-by-step to help attendees become familiar with the best ways to handle such challenges.

View the seminar online via Zoom:

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Contact Terry Musser at 814-865-7576 or for additional seminar details.

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