Academic Advising Seminars

Spring 2019 seminars

What are they? Forums for discussing academic advising

Who’s invited? All faculty and staff (please spread the word)

Why attend? To network, share how-to’s, and learn about advising resources

Crash Course: Health Professions

Tuesday, February 19, noon–1:00 pm
118 ASI Building

Presenters:  Alicia Kehn, M.Ed., Academic Program Coordinator; David Cassiday, M.A., Academic Program Coordinator; Patricia Hunt, M.S., Academic Program Coordinator; Penn State University, Eberly College of Science Advising Center

​​​​Do you work with students interested in becoming a doctor or physician assistant? Overwhelmed by the amount of information available? In this lecture, we will cover basic requirements for medical school and physician assistant programs. We will show national and institutional data to demystify misconceptions about what it takes for students to be successful in the application process. Participants will come away armed with a better understanding of the expectations of health professional schools and where you can turn for more information. Included in this session is a Q&A with health professions advisers.

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Legal Issues in Academic Advising

Tuesday, March 12, noon–1:00 pm (rescheduled from January 22)
118 ASI Building

Presenters: Zahraa Zalzala, Assistant General Counsel, Penn State

​​​​Shepherding students from initial enrollment to graduation, an academic advisor plays a critical role in a student’s academic progression and success at Penn State.  While not inherently risky, academic advising is not immune from legal challenge and academic advisors should be familiar with the applicable laws, University policies, and best practices that may mitigate institutional and individual liability.  Join us for a conversation with University counsel about some of the issues an advisor may encounter while handling personal information and advising students on degree requirements and course selection. 

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Concept Mapping as a Reflective Tool

Wednesday, April 3, noon–1:30 pm - this is scheduled to go longer than normal sessions
206 Wagner Building - Note the room change!

Presenters: Carrie Egnosak, Terry Musser, Tanja St. Pierre

Concept mapping, sometimes known as “mind mapping”, is a visual tool to organize and represent knowledge. This tool has been used to successfully help students reflect on who they are, where they came from, and where they want to go. Concept maps can help students understand what they have learned and how all the pieces of their academic journey fit together. It has been used effectively in academic advising settings as well as in the classroom.

This 1.5-hour workshop will introduce concept mapping as a learning tool and demonstrate ways the panelists have used it in various academic settings. Discussion will revolve around the outcomes of using this tool. Participants will then create their own concept map and discuss how this tool could be used in their own setting.

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Contact Terry Musser at 814-865-7576 or for additional seminar details.

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