Attend a Pre-Law Orientation Session

Sessions are open to all students considering law school. First- and second-year students must attend a Pre-Law Orientation Session prior to scheduling an individual appointment with the Pre-Law Adviser or attending the Law School Application Process Session. Topics covered in the Pre-Law Orientation Session include:

  • Preparing for law school and strengthening your application now (even if you are not yet certain that you want to attend)
  • Skills required for law school
  • Learning about law school
  • Learning about the practice of law
  • Deciding whether to apply to law school
  • Introduction to the LSAT  (brief intro to this topic – more in the Applying to Law School Session)
  • Law school application timeline (brief intro to this topic – more in the Applying to Law School Session)
  • Pre-Law Advising resources

Fall 2019 Pre-Law Orientation Session dates:

  • Tuesday, September 10th from  3-4pm  in 106 Boucke Building
  • Wednesday, October 2nd from 10 – 11am in the Grange Building (West Lobby)
  • Thursday, October 17th from 11-12pm in the Grange Building (West Lobby)
  • Friday, November 1st from 1-2pm  in the Grange Building (West Lobby)
  • Monday, November 18th   from 3-4pm in the  Grange Building (West Lobby)
  • Wednesday, December 4th from  4:30pm – 5:30pm in  307 Boucke Building

Registration is required.  Please check your class schedule before registering for a session.

If, after registering, you find you can no longer attend your scheduled Pre-Law Orientation Session, please call the Division of Undergraduate Studies at 814-865-7576 and cancel so we can offer your seat to another student.

Other steps:

Step 1:  Attend an Applying to Law School Session


Step 2: Make an Individual Appointment with the Pre-Law Adviser