What co-curricular activities should I join?

As with majors and courses, law schools are not looking for particular types of co-curricular activities or involvement.  Engagement outside of class is an essential part of your undergraduate education.  Your involvement does not need to focus on student government, politics or other activities that may first come to mind when you think of activities related to law school. Penn State has more than 1,000 student organizations. Find opportunities related to your major(s)/minor(s), seek opportunities to provide public/community service, consider research within your discipline, find organizations related to skills that you want to improve or issues in society that matter most to you. Seek leadership positions within your engagement activities when possible.

Prioritize academics over your co-curricular activities, if it isn't possible to balance both.  Law schools prioritize academic achievement, but want students who can excel in the classroom and within engagement opportunities outside of the classroom.

If you want to join an organization to learn more about law school, check out the list of current student organizations on OrgCentral.