How do I request my transcripts?

To request your transcripts, you must go into LSAC/CAS and add each undergraduate and graduate institution you have attended. This includes but isn’t limited to work done at community colleges or as a dual-enrollment student in high school regardless of whether or not this status appears on your Penn State transcripts. For more information about required transcripts, visit Requesting Transcripts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CAS does not request your transcripts for you; you must follow each institution’s rules for requesting your own transcripts.

How do I request Penn State transcripts?

To request Penn State transcripts, you can request them electronically through LionPATH.  Go to LionPATH,  Academic  Records,  and select, "Request Official Transcript".  You will be directed to Parchment Exchange, the LSAC approved electronic transcript transfer source that Penn State uses to send transcripts.  Here you can select to send the transcripts to LSAC electronically by selecting LSAC from the drop-down as recipient, entering LSAC's phone number, and paying the $5 transcript fee. See details at Penn State Official Transcripts

How do I request transcripts from other institutions?

You need to contact the Registrar at the institution to determine whether they use one of the approved electronic transcript transfer sources and can send the transcripts electronically or whether they need to mail them to LSAC.  Here is a list of the approved electronic transcript transfer sources: Requesting Transcripts 

How long does it take?

Transcripts can take up to two weeks to process at LSAC so plan ahead! Request your transcripts after grades post for the semester before you plan to apply. For example, if you plan to apply to law school in the fall of your senior year and you are not taking classes during the summer, you can request your transcripts after grades post at the end of the spring semester of your junior year.