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2013-14 Annual Report

Service to the University, the Profession, and the Community

Division staff members contributed significant time and expertise to various professional efforts across the Penn State system, assumed leadership roles within professional organizations such as the National Academic Advising Association to advance the field of advising, and engaged in civic activities to support their towns, neighbors, and communities.


Liz Agler

  • LionPATH Academic Advising Advisory Team, representative, United Way Campaign Committee (2014)

Pamela Baron

  • Collaborative Student Programming liaison

Tammy Bowersox

  • representative, United Way Campaign Committee (2014)

Laura Brown

  • Author, Undergraduate Advising Handbook; coordinator, Discover House program; facilitator, Academic Advising Noon Seminar Series; Academic Advising Portal Committee

Elena Galinova

  • Coordinator, Think Global Program; chair, Penn State Global Advising Committee; Penn State General Education Task Force (Themes and Explorations Subcommittee and Communications Liaison); Center for Global Studies Outreach Advisory Board; Faculty Selection Committee, Schreyer Honors College; ad-hoc task force on summer programs for visiting international students (spring 2013); University Fellowships Office Fulbright Student Fellowships Interviewing Committee; faculty adviser, Global Brigades Campus Council; faculty adviser, Tom's Shoes at Penn State;Instructor, INTST 493H, Foundations of Global Citizenship: Global Learning Through Service; instructor, INTST 496H, Global Service Learning

Katherine Garren

  • Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisers; Centre County Bar Association; American Mock Trial Association, State College Regionals (judge);

Irma Giannetti

  • Academic Advising Portal Committee, FastStart mentor 2012–13; Penn State Global Advising Committee; judge, Undergraduate Research Exhibition; Academic Advising Portal Committee

Jeffrey Gugino

  • Liaison to Morgan Academic Support Center for Student-Athletes; instructor, Smeal College of Business first-year seminar (PSU 006)

Linda Higginson *

  • University Advising Council; University Faculty Senate Curricular Affairs Committee; co-instructor, CSA 597A, Foundations of Academic Advising; auditor, American Association of University Women; vice president, Cobble Creek Condominium Association; co-chair, Centre County United Way Funds Distribution Committee

Hilleary Himes

  • Chair, NACADA Region 2 Awards Committee; NACADA Region 2 Steering Committee; New Student Orientation Implementation Team; Pilot Transfer Orientation Committee

Carolyn Jensen

  • Course Substitution and Review System development team, LionPATH Academic Advising Advisory Team, Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity (secretary), Centralized Course Scheduling Committee, Link UP planning committee, College of Science Undergraduate Advisory Council (UEAC), Science Advising and Student Services Committee (SASS), College of Science Dean’s Scholarship Review Committee, Bunton Waller Scholarship Review Committee;  Forensic Science Adviser Search Committee (chair), instructor PSU 016 (premed/science first-year seminar); adviser, Network for Excellence in Undergraduate Science student organization.

Maren Larson

  • Penn State Global Advising Committee

 Diane Leos

  • Consultant, Upward Bound Migrant Program; guest lecturer, EDUC 100S, Using Online Tools and Activities to Explore Majors; guest lecturer, Comprehensive Studies Program workshop: Exploration and Considerations When Choosing a Major; guest lecturer, College Assistance Migrant Program: “Finding the Right Major for You”

 Rhea Leydig

  • LionPATH (Records, Enrollment, Advising Project Team)

 Marie Lindhorst *

  • Adult Points of Entry Team (Outreach); Student Transitions Steering Committee; Penn State Admissions School Counselor Advisory Group; Penn State Global Advising Committee; Admissions College Representative for Division of Undergraduate Studies; Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Equity (2013 co-chair; 2014 chair)

Terry Musser

  • Administrative Division Chair, NACADA; instructor, AG 150S, Be a Master Student!; principal investigator: Analysis of Factors Related to Undergraduate Male Student Success at Penn State University Park; University Advising Council

Deborah Oakes

  • University Editor Representative; University Staff Advisory Council; Penn State Global Advising Committee; Undergraduate Education Media and Communications Group; editor, The Mentor; Office of Undergraduate Education Web Accessibility Group; adviser, Penn State Synchronized Swimming Team; Academic Advising Portal Committee

Janet Schulenberg

  • Co-chair, General Education Oversight and Planning Task Force; faculty, Higher Education (Student Affairs) graduate program; LionPATH Academic Advising Advisory Committee; chair, NACADA Theory, Philosophy, and History of Advising Commission; NACADA Journal Editorial Board; past-chair, NACADA Research Committee

Margaret Sebastianelli

  • Instructional Space Task Force; Link UP; Fall Career Fair Planning and Implementation Committee; ISIS Replacement Working Team; University Academic Policy Exception (Records & Registration); coordinator, Recommended Academic Plan Project (University Advising Council); Schreyer Honors College Faculty Selection Committee; Career Services RAPS Consortium; Chair, College of Health and Human Development Academic Advising Team, Curricular Affairs Committee, Undergraduate Programs Council, representative to the Undergraduate Admissions Office; Eberly College of Science pre-med candidate interview team; Outreach academic adviser candidate interview team; adviser, Pi Kappa Alpha

Jeff Sechler

  • Undergraduate Education Media and Communications Group; Academic Advising Portal Committee; committee chair, Cub Scout Pack 44

David Smith

  • Project LionPATH Steering Committee; co-chair, Project LionPATH Academic Advising Advisory Committee; Council on Engaged Scholarship; Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education; Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education; facilitator, University Advising Council

Tanja St. Pierre

  • Penn State Global Advising Committee; Penn State Veteran Advisory Group; instructor, Introductory Sociology (SOC 001) and Sociology of Gender (SOC 110)

Joane Stoneberg *

  • University Advising Council; College of Arts and Architecture Leadership council; Excellence in Advising Award Selection Committee; College of Arts and Architecture representative to Undergraduate Admissions Office; Bunton-Waller search committee; University Advising Council Sub-committee on Drop Policies

Sarah Ware *

  • Academic Advising Portal Committee

 Jeffrey Warner

  • University Advising Council; Earth and Mineral Sciences Undergraduate Program Advisory Committee, Earth and Mineral Sciences Scholarship and Awards Committee; co-chair, Penn State Weather Camp


* retired or accepted another position