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2013-14 Annual Report


Division members contributed to the scholarship of advising and to the advancement of diverse disciplines through conference presentations at local, regional, national, and international levels. 


Division of Undergraduate Studies
Twelfth Annual Professional Development Conference on Academic Advising

University Park, PA
September 18, 2013

Egnosak, C.: “Finding Purpose: The Link between Spirituality and Academic Advising” (with Mueller, J.)

Galinova, E., & Giannetti, I.: “Bridging the Cultural Gap: Providing Adequate Support to Chinese Students In and Out of the Classroom” (with Henderson, R.)

Musser, T.: “Are Men the New At-Risk Student Population?” (with Wilson, D.)

Spevak, T., & Sofranko, K.: “Reinforcing the Foundation: A Summer ‘Boot Camp’ for Underprepared Students”

NACADA National Conference
Salt Lake City, UT
October 6–9, 2013

Schulenberg, J., & Himes, H.: “Emerging Issues in Advising Theory” (with Lowenstein, M., Hagen, P., & Champlin-Scharff, C.)

Warner, J., & Schulenberg, J.: Examining Persistence of Academic Interests from Orientation to Graduation”


Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference
Toronto, CA
March 10–15, 2014

Galinova, E.: “Promoting Holistic Global Citizenship in College: What Globally Engaged Students Have to Say to Their Schools” (paper presentation)


NACADA Mid-Atlantic Region 2 Conference
Lancaster, PA
March 21–22, 2014

Schulenberg, J.: “Conducting Academic Advising Research” (preconference workshop with Hagen, P.)

Warner, J., & Agler, L.: “Turning Advising Challenges into Opportunties: The Experience of a Small Multi-Disciplinary College within a Large University” (poster presentation)


Senior Sunday Conference
State College, PA
March 23, 2014

Garren, K.: “Graduate School Success” (panel presentation with Ishler, M., & Rice, S.)


Digital Islam: How the Internet and Social Media Are Reshaping the Islamic Marketplace in Central Asia
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
March 31, 2014             

Schwab, Wendell. “The Digital Islamic Mediascape in Kazakhstan” (paper presentation)


NACADA Western Pennsylvania Drive-In Conference
Pittsburgh, PA
May 16, 2014             

Schulenberg, J. “Academic Advising: A Focus on Learning” (keynote)


Kazakhstan Conference 2014
Uppsala, Sweden
June 13–14, 2014

Schwab, Wendell. “Shrines and Neopatrimonialism in Kazakhstan” (paper presentation)


Division of Undergraduate Studies 
Thirteenth Annual Professional Development Conference on Academic Advising

University Park, PA 
October 1, 2014

Garren, K. (facilitator and presenter): “PB&J: Postbaccalaureate Degree Programs and the Student Journey” (panel with Hutchens, K., Peters, J., & Sharp, S.)

Galinova, E., & Giannetti, I.: “Foundations of Intercultural Advising”

Karmelita, C.: “The Impact of Schlossberg’s Transition Theory and Cross’s Discussion of Student Barriers on Practical Advising Matters”


NACADA National Conference
Minneapolis, MN
October 8–11, 2014

Himes, H.: “Hot Topic: Advising Theory and Philosophy in the Quest of Professionalization” (panel with McGill, C. [facilitator], Burton, S., & Duslak, M.)

Musser, T.: “Program Reviews: Positive Change for You and Your Students” (with Darling, R., & Harris, V.)

Musser, T., Himes, H., Schulenberg, J., Schwartz, M., & St. Pierre, T.: “Men at Risk: Contributing Factors to Academic Failures” (with Wilson, D.)

Schulenberg, J., & Himes, H.: “Looking Back to Move Forward: How History Can Shed Light on the Professionalization of Academic Advising”