MinorQuest — Minor Planning Checklist

  • Use MinorQuest to identify minors of interest.
  • Use the links below each minor to learn more. Note any Special Consideration or Alert.
  • For any minor you consider, list the required courses on a Minor Worksheet.
  • To complete the worksheet, use LionPATH Browse Course Catalog. (In the listing for the course, find your campus and click on it to see the Course Detail that includes credits, enrollment information, and a description.)

    For each course in the minor:
    • Read the description.
    • Determine if the course is available on your campus.
    • Identify course prerequisites. Read the descriptions of prerequisites.
    • For each course click on . Click on section link(s) to check for Enrollment Requirements. (If the course has Enrollment Requirements "controls" and it appears that you will not be able to register for the class, contact the department offering the course to find out if students in the minor can schedule the course.)

Use contact information listed in the Bulletin with the minor information or provided on the minor’s website if you have questions about the minor (e.g., required courses, course substitutions, course sequencing, or entry).

Consult with your adviser to discuss your plan to incorporate the minor.