Volume 15 (2013)


First-Year Student Exploration of Career and Life Goals: An Application of O’Banion’s Advising Model

What Role Can Questioning Play in Mentorship?

Best Practices for Advising Veteran Students

The Parent Trap: Advisers, Parents, and Serving the Student

The Benefits of Undergraduate Research: The Student’s Perspective

Citizenship Learning Through Academic Advising

Doctoral Student-Adviser Relationships in the United States: International Engineering Students’ Perspective

Academic Advising as a Profession: How Advisers in Utah View the Occupation

The Developmental Disconnect in Choosing a Major: Why Institutions Should Prohibit Choice until Second Year

Advising Underprepared Students

Advising, Counseling, Coaching, Mentoring: Models of Developmental Relationships in Higher Education

Thoughts from a Coaching Perspective

Learning and Changing: My College Experience, Part 11 (Beginning a New Journey)

Comparing Undergraduate Satisfaction with Faculty and Professional Advisers: A Multi-Method Approach

Not All Blacks Are African American: The Importance of Viewing Advisees as Individuals in a Culturally Mosaic Context

Walking-Talking: The Closed-Door Option

Micro-affirmations in Academic Advising: Small Acts, Big Impact

Rewarding Excellence in Academic Advising

Graduate Corner

Advising Students in the Sciences

Moving into Student Spaces: Utilizing Conversations Outside the Office to Enhance Advising Sessions

The Unreachable Student: Techniques and Strategies to Increase the Influence of Academic Advising

Practical Considerations in Developing Peer Advising Programs

Prevalence of Mental Health Issues among College Students: How Do Advisers Equip Themselves?

Athletic Academic Advising for Revenue Sports: A Unique Challenge

Academic Advising in a Multicultural World

Advising and Engaging the “Working-Class” College Student




     ISSN: 1521-2211