Volume 14 (2012)


Increasing Community and Success in Advising Units by Conducting Effective Meetings

Making Change Work: Empowering Students Who Are Changing Majors

Guide to Advising International Students about Academic Integrity

Reinvigorating Faculty Advising on Your Campus

Vertical Peer Mentoring and Advising: A Structure for Student Involvement in Multi-Level Advising

A Visual Model of Academic Advising

O*NET Online as a Valuable Tool for Academic Advising

Doing Students a Disservice? An Ethical Note on Advising Liberal Arts Majors

Working Smarter, Not Harder: Using Academic and Advising Cohorts to Achieve Positive Change in One Small Program Area

Higher Education: A Conspiracy? How Students View Their Chances At A Four-Year Institution

Being in the Workshop: Thinking Ontologically About Our Clientele

Environmental Conditions and Their Influence on Academic Advising Offices

Building on Student Strengths in Graduate Professional Education

Learning and Changing: My College Experience (Part 10)

The eQuad: A Next-Generation eAdvising Tool to Build Community and Retain Students

Advising Satisfaction: Implications for First-Year Students’ Sense of Belonging and Student Retention

From Advising to Mentoring: Shifting the Metaphor


Graduate Corner

The Breakfast Club and Barney: Advising the New College Student

Supporting Parents in Supporting Their Students: Why Including First-Generation Families in the Process Is Important

Timely Advising: Incorporating Counseling Skills into the Advising Appointment

Customer Service in Higher Education: Finding a Middle Ground

A Director of Direction: How Academic Advisers Can Effectively Propose Student Participation in the National Student Exchange Program

Making the Connection: How Advisers Can Help Students Reflect on the Internship Experience

Encouraging Student Success: Four-Year Plan Initiatives


     ISSN: 1521-2211