Readers can subscribe to The Mentor to have all of the latest articles and discussion topics delivered directly to your newsfeed reader of choice! To subscribe to an RSS feed, just click on the appropriate link below:

Ways to sign up for The Mentor feeds
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What Is RSS?

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated information such as articles and discussion topics. These RSS feeds allow publishers to easily push out their content to subscribed readers via desktop applications or websites that aggregate these feeds. These applications and websites are called news aggregators or news feed readers.

To learn more about RSS feeds and how to subscribe to them, please watch Common Craft’s video RSS In Plain English.

How Do I Subscribe?

To subscribe to and access RSS feeds, you first need to choose an RSS or news feed aggregator.  A list of popular aggregators can be found below:

Many web browsers (Safari, Firefox, etc.) and e-mail programs (Mac Mail, Outlook, etc.) also have built-in RSS aggregation abilities.

Once you have chosen an aggregator, you can subscribe to the feed that fits your needs by clicking on the RSS icon or by copying and pasting the appropriate URL into your news feed reader. If you would prefer to receive e-mail notifications when these feeds are updated, click on the envelope icon and follow the instructions.


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