As part of its outreach mission, Penn State’s Division of Undergraduate Studies, which publishes The Mentor, has produced a number of print publications related to academic advising. These publications should be of interest to academic advisers, faculty members, and advising administrators.

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The Penn State Adviser (2006, 3rd ed.)

The purposes of this award-winning monograph are to provide an orientation to academic advising for the new academic adviser, to suggest specific techniques to help initiate the new adviser, to refresh the experienced adviser, and to provide advising tips known to experienced advisers but not written down anywhere else.

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Student Characteristics Matter: Implications for Academic Advising (2004)

This monograph describes various groups of students (adults, athletes, distressed, first-generation, honors, international, learning-disabled, LGBT, transfer, underprepared, underrepresented) and how their characteristics matter to academic advisers and to academic advising.

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     ISSN: 1521-2211