Volume Twelve (2010)


International Students’ Choices for Support Groups and Communication Media
by Fan Gao, Rie Narui, and Gary Fontaine, University of Hawai’i at Manoa (1/8/10)
Post-Graduation Advising: Needed More Now Than Ever
by Reed T. Curtis, University of North Carolina Wilmington (1/13/10)
Steps For Prioritizing Academic Advising: A Small-School Case Study
by Christopher Koch and Kristina Kays, George Fox University (1/20/10)
The Accelerated Study in Associate Programs: A Successful Academic Advising Model
by Michael Napolitano and Angela Wu, LaGuardia Community College (1/27/10)
Learning and Changing: My College Experience (Part 5)
by Taryn Noll, Penn State (1/29/10)
What Do You Think Academic Advising Will Be Like in Another Ten Years?
by Don Carlton, Indiana University (2/1/10)
Reflections of a First-Time Adviser
by Maureen Emily Grewe, University of South Carolina (2/3/10)
A Whole New World: Nine Things Academic Advisers Should Know About Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
by ShaRon Spry, University of South Carolina (2/10/10)
Challenges of African American Gay Men: What Academic Advisers Need to Know
by Paul Stevenson Millard, University of South Carolina (2/17/10)
Coordinated Academic Advising: Key to Success for Education Majors
by Harvey Allen, Joseph Corriero, Terri Rothman, and Shelia Baldwin, Monmouth University (2/24/10)
Opening the Doors to Trust in Advising
by Peter Vasher, University of South Carolina (3/3/10)
Learning and Changing: My College Experience (Part 6)
by Taryn Noll, Penn State (3/5/10)
How Academic Advisers Can Use Facebook to Apply Appreciative Advising
by James W. Pou, University of South Carolina (3/10/10)
ADHD and Appreciative Advising
by Michael Ormsby, University of South Carolina (3/17/10)
Helpful Resources Available for Advisers Through the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition
by Shana Harrison, University of South Carolina (3/24/10)
Leveraging Existing Technology Within the University for Academic Advising
by J. Kyle Herron, University of South Carolina (3/31/10)
A Farewell Note from the Managing Editor
by Michael J. Leonard, Penn State (3/31/10)


A Note from the Interim Managing Editor
by Eric R. White, Penn State (4/1/10)
Academic Advising: A Guide to National Service Opportunities
by April Brohawn, University of South Carolina (4/7/10)
Supplemental Instruction: A Guide for Academic Advisers
by Kristin Abbe, University of South Carolina (4/14/10)
Advising the Degeated Toward Achievement: A Guide to Helping Students with Self-Defeating Behavior
by Danny Bounds, University of South Carolina (4/21/10)
Advising: A Sport for All Seasons
by Jocelyn Byrne, University of South Carolina (5/12/10)
A Note from the Interim Managing Editor
by Eric R. White, Penn State University (5/25/10)
Undeclared Students: Nudge Them Toward a Decision
by Helen Mulhern Halasz, University of South Carolina (6/2/10)
The Challenges Encountered in a Strongly Promoted Mentor Program
by Hiroshi Hasegawa, Curtin University of Technology (6/22/10)


Learning and Changing: My College Experience (Part 7)
by Taryn Noll, Penn State (7/12/10)
Responding to Professor Rating Web Sites: An Adviser’s Approach
by Adam Duberstein, Ohio Dominican University (7/19/10)
Mentoring Medical Students: The Implementation of a Career Pathways Advising Program at One Institution
by Maura Sullivan, University of Southern California; Donna Elliott, University of Southern California; Joel Schechter, University of Southern California; Erin Quinn, University of Southern California; Michael Cousineau, University of Southern California; Steven Kim, University of Southern California; Brett White, Oregon Health and Science University; Julie Nyquist, University of Southern California; Clive Taylor, University of Southern California (8/10/10)
Advising Students in Majors Requiring Significant Out-of-Class Time Commitment
by Natalie J. Kotowski and Curt Laird, Winthrop University (8/24/10)


Faculty Perceptions of and Attitudes toward Academic Advising at a Large University in the United Kingdom
by Rosemary Skordoulis and Syed Baqur Naqavi, London Metropolitan University (10/18/10)
International Service Learning: An Introduction for Advisers
by Natalie Irby Cruz, University of South Carolina (10/26/10)
Helping Academic Advisers Become Assessment and Placement Advocates for Their Students
by Stephen J. Handel, The College Board (11/17/10)
University of Botswana Academic Advisers as Jacks-of-All-Trades
by Baakile Motshegwa, University of Botswana (12/9/10)
Putting Theory into Practice: Implementing a Successful Probation Program
by Kimberley Rolf and Naomi Craven, University of Texas at San Antonio (12/21/10)


     ISSN: 1521-2211