Volume Ten (2008)


Utilizing Parents as a Resource: The Use of Appreciative Inquiry in Academic Advising
by Kaitlin L. Oyler, University of South Carolina (1/9/08)
Benefits of Peer Advising to Peer Advisers
by Kelly Prather, Columbia College (1/16/08)
Academic Advisers Supporting Students Affected by Relationship Violence
by Stephanie Holmes, University of South Carolina (1/23/08)
Preparing Doctoral Students for Their Future Roles as Academic Advisers: How Doctoral Programs Can Assist Students’ Preparation
by Melissa M. Kupfer, University of South Carolina (1/30/08)
Describe Your Most Memorable Advisee and Tell What You Learned from Him/Her and How it Affected You
by Evelyn Beck, Piedmont Technical College (2/1/08)
Creating Reflection on International Experiences Through Appreciative Advising
by Megan Larkin, University of South Carolina (2/6/08)
Collaborate! The Importance of Teamwork Between Academic Advisers and Orientation Leaders
by Rachel Edington, University of South Carolina (2/13/08)
The Academic Adviser’s Role in Encouraging and Supporting Student Involvement
by Rachel W. Marsh, University of South Carolina (2/20/08)
Students in Financial Crisis: How Academic Advisers Can Help
by Reed T. Curtis, University of South Carolina (2/27/08)
Finding the Right Balance in Advising the NCAA Division III Student-Athlete
by Heather D. Porter, University of South Carolina (3/5/08)
Advising First-Generation College Students for Continued Success
by Kourtney C. Kocel, University of South Carolina (3/12/08)
Help! Do I Have to Advise College Students, Too?
by Tonja M. Fillippino, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro on the Beebe Campus; Susan Barnett, Northwestern State University; Scott Roach, Northwestern State University (3/19/08)
Bridging the Gap Between Training and Performance Through Adviser Training and Development
by Jeffrey L. McClellan, Utah Valley University (3/26/08)


A Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Collaboration in Advising Community College Student Interns
by Marie Sacino and Angela Wu, LaGuardia Community College/The City University of New York (4/9/08)
The Hope Business: Academic Advising
by Kate Louton, Northwest Arkansas Community College (4/16/08)
Leading Horses to Water: Male Reluctance to Participate in a Peer Mentorship Program
by Michael J. Roszkowski and Teri L. Ceraso, La Salle University (4/30/08)
Academic Advising Needs of High-Achieving Black Collegians at Predominantly White Institutions: A Mixed Methods Investigation
by Terrell L. Strayhorn, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (5/7/08)
Advisers Beware: The Political Exploitation of Interns in Times of War
by Michael S. Rodriguez, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (5/14/08)
Decision-Making Theory: Implications for Academic Advising
by James Levin, Penn State and Tina Anne Brazil (6/4/08)
Sustainable Advising: Applying the Tenets of Sustainability to Academic Advising
by Michael Tyson, University of South Carolina (6/11/08)
Are Students Cheating Themselves? The Role of Academic Advisers Within Academic Integrity
by Amy Lee Spurlock, University of South Carolina (6/18/08)
How to Encourage Students of Color to Pursue Careers in Student Affairs Administration
by Dantrayl Smith, University of South Carolina (6/25/08)


Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd: Can Group Advising be Appreciative and Effective?
by Lauren M. Sanchez, University of South Carolina (7/2/08)
The New “Freshman Fifteen”
by Leah Kendall, University of South Carolina (7/9/08)
From Non-Helicopter Parent to Appropriate Support System: Appreciative Advising Strategies for Empowering Parents of Low-Income, First-Generation College Students
by Michelle Ashcraft, University of South Carolina (7/16/08)
Appreciative Advising: How the Academic Centers for Excellence at the University of South Carolina are Using This Breakthrough Concept
by Lindsay Reitmeier Hall, University of South Carolina (7/23/08)
Veterans in College: What Advisers Should Expect
by Mary Beth Ely, University of South Carolina (7/30/08)
Stereotypes, Diversity, and Effects on Academic Advising
by Esther Deutsch, Eric Doberstein, and K. V. White, Penn State (8/6/08)
Predicting Student Satisfaction with Academic Advising
by Michael Russell, St. Bonaventure University; Barbara Russell, Jamestown Community College; Ann Lehman, St. Bonaventure University (8/13/08)
Global Advising: Advising Students for a Globalized World
by Matthew Church, University of Louisville (8/20/08)
Engaging Students in the Academic Advising Process
by Julie Wood, Midwestern State University; Timothy Baghurst, University of Arkansas; Leslie Waugh, Midwestern State University; Jennifer Lancaster, Midwestern State University (9/3/08)
Advising Information for Student Breadwinners
by Sandra Seay, East Carolina University (9/24/08)
Arguments Against Applying a Customer-Service Paradigm
by Cynthia Demetriou, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (9/30/08)


Career Development, the Undergraduate, and the Academic Adviser
by Joann S. Olson, Penn State (10/15/08)
Implementing AdvisorTrac Advising Center Management Software on a Multi-Unit Campus
by Jason P. Browning, University of Louisville (10/29/08)
Appreciative Advising and the Nontraditional Student
by Kimberly Redfern, Eastern Illinois University (11/4/08)
The Fine Arts Tug-of-War
by Steven Bailey, Rhode Island School of Design (11/12/08)
All Advisees are Culturally Diverse: Are Unequal Procedures Fairer?
by Alice P. Carter, Mary M. Livingston, and Donna B. Thomas, Louisiana Tech University (11/19/08)
Ethics in Academic Advising Revisited: An Alternative Response to Church and Robinson
by Mary M. Livingston, Alice P. Carter, and Donna B. Thomas, Louisiana Tech University (11/26/08)
A Case Management Approach to Academic Advising
by Roslyn C. Richardson, Columbia College (12/3/08)


     ISSN: 1521-2211