Volume Six (2004)


Technology in Higher Education Academic Advisement
by R. J. Multari, University at Buffalo (1/7/04)
Academic Advising and Big Brothers Big Sisters: A Brand New Way of Thinking
by Heidi Koring and Paula Wilson Youra, Lynchburg College (1/21/04)
Addressing the Distinctive Needs of Guaranteed Entrance to Medical School (GEMS) Students
by Jennifer A. Coffey, University of Louisville (1/28/04)
Describe a Relationship in Which You Were Mentored by Another Academic Adviser and Explain What Made the Mentoring Memorable
by Christopher W. Gregory, Framingham State College (2/2/04)
Confessions of a Ph.D. Student: The Internship
by Nora Allen, University of Louisville (2/4/04)
Improving Advising Through a Customer Service Initiative at the University of Louisville’s College of Education and Human Development
by Robin L. Dorsey, University of Louisville (2/12/04)
Lessons Learned: Implementing Advising Software at the University of Louisville
by Lamar Braggs, University of Louisville (2/18/04)
Dead Ends Versus New Beginnings: Making a Case for Alumni Career Development Opportunities
by Christy Metzger, University of Louisville (2/25/04)
“Let’s Go Fishing”: Embracing Students in Academic Advising
by Veronica Hennessy, University of Louisville (3/3/04)
My Educational Journey: A Student Perspective (Part 3)
by Heidi Lynch, Penn State University (3/10/04)
The Life of an Adviser of Education Majors
by Jody Morkin, University of Louisville (3/17/04)
Developing Partnerships Between Faculty and Professional Advisers
by Betty Hampton, University of Louisville (3/24/04)
Undecided Students: What Are We Doing and What Can We Do?
by Rebecca Lynn Suter, University of Louisville (3/31/04)


Developmental Academic Advising and Learner-Centered Education
by Nancy Slonneger Hancock, Northern Kentucky University (4/7/04)
“PAT on the Back”: Developing and Implementing a Peer Advising Team
by Linda W. Smith, University of Louisville (4/21/04)
Creating a Virtual Advising Center: Student Services in an Online Environment
by Rachel Grant Woods, University of Louisville (4/28/04)
A Prologue to Defining Academic Advising
by Il Young Barrow, University of Louisville (5/5/04)
Integrating Technology Into Advisement Services
by R. J. Multari, University of Buffalo (5/26/04)
Service Learning: The Road Less Traveled by Students
by Nicole Webster, Penn State University (6/2/04)
Renewing Yourself from an Advising Slump
by Monique Bruner, Rose State College (6/16/04)
The Use of Self-Disclosure in Academic Advising
by Simone Carnegie, North Harris College (6/30/04)


Military Academic Advising
by Kevin K. Dean, Excelsior College (7/14/04)
Advising and Teaching: Synergistic Praxis for Student and Faculty Development
by Heidi Koring, Elena Killian, James L. Owen, and Candace Todd, Lynchburg College (7/28/04)
Creating Economic Opportunities Through Academic Advising
by Nada Khatib, Sultan Qaboos University (8/11/04)
The Economics of Technology in Advisement Services
by R. J. Multari, University at Buffalo (8/26/04)


Advising Graduate Students: Understanding the Influence of Family on Graduate Education
by Eric G. Lovik, The Pennsylvania State University (10/20/04)
Emerging and Persistent Issues for First-Year Students
by Graham B. Spanier, President, The Pennsylvania State University (10/22/04)
My Educational Journey: A Student Perspective (Part 4)
by Heidi Lynch, The Pennsylvania State University (11/11/04)
Informing and Turning: Two Approaches to General Education
by R. Scott Kretchmar, The Pennsylvania State University (11/24/04)


     ISSN: 1521-2211