Volume Nine (2007)


Predictors of Success in Exercise Physiology
by Scott R. Collier, Syracuse University; Todd M. Manini, University of Florida; and John W. Tillotson, Syracuse University (1/4/07)
Underage Drinking: Challenges to Academic Advising and Performance
by Jose E. Coll, Saint Leo University (1/18/07)
First-Generation College Students: Their Challenges and the Advising Strategies That Can Help
by Khalilah A. Payne, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (1/31/07)
How Do You Know That You Have Made a Difference in the Education of Your Advisees?
by Steven Estes, Northern Illinois University (2/1/07)
How Do You Know That You Have Made a Difference in the Education of Your Advisees?
by Chad Kimmel, Shippensburg University (2/1/07)
Advising the Single-Parent College Student
by Lisa Tehan, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (2/7/07)
The Curriculum of Academic Advising: What We Teach, How We Teach, and What Students Learn
Proceedings from the Fifth Annual Professional Development Conference on Academic Advising (2/12/07)
Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STAR): A Mentoring Program For At-Risk Students
byNatalie S. Gilbert, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (2/14/07)
Applying O’Banion’s Model to Study Abroad Advising
by Lindsey A. Jendraszak, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (2/21/07)
Improving Academic Advising with Assessment and a Standardized Form
by Christopher Koch, George Fox University (2/27/07)
Generation 1.5 Students: Recognizing an Overlooked Population
by Laura C. Masterson, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (2/28/07)
The Importance of an Integrated Career and Academic Advising Model for Adult Students
by Gina Marie Harpring, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (3/7/07)
Academic Advisers as a Resource for Middle School College Preparation Programs
by Stacey Wiist, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (3/14/07)
An Advising Syllabus: A Tool to Increase Advising Effectiveness
by Jessica N. McKamey, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (3/21/07)
The Adult Road Atlas: A Plan for Adult Learners
by Andrew J. Stafford, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (3/28/07)


The Ignored Population: Transfer Students
by Ryan D. Withem, Franklin College of Indiana (4/4/07)
Strengthening the Position of Online Academic Advisers
by Michelle T. Hill, Gibbs College (4/25/07)
Answering the Fundamental Questions of Organizational Existence: Developing, Implementing, and Communicating Effective Mission Statements and Goals to Guide Advising Programs or Centers
by Jeffrey L. McClellan, Utah Valley State College (6/28/07)


Using Appreciative Inquiry in Advising At-Risk Students: Moving from Challenge to Success
by Jack H. Truschel, East Stroudsburg University (7/6/07)
Career Advising: What Academic Advisers Need to Know
by Susan D. Bates, Tidewater Tech Online (7/25/07)
Reaching the Masses: E-Newsletters and Facebook in Advising
by Bryan J. Ray, University of Oklahoma (8/30/07)
What Virginia Tech Showed: Are We Missing Part of Our Mission?
by Donald N. McComb (9/14/07)


Managing the Advising Relationship: Three Common-Sense Tips for Advising College Students
by Curt Laird, University of Charleston (10/3/07)
Advising Students on the Use of Service Learning in Career Development
by Glenn A. Bowen, Western Carolina University (10/25/07)
The Virtual Career Center: Creating a Career Center in a Virtual Classroom
by Susan D. Bates, Tidewater Tech Online (11/16/07)
The Challenge for Academic Advisers: We Are Instructors, Not Administrators
by Donald N. McComb (11/30/07)


     ISSN: 1521-2211