Volume Five (2003)


Academic Advisers as Transformational Leaders
by Matthew L. Kelly, University of Missouri—Kansas City (1/1/03)
What Would a Unified Theory of Academic Advising Require?
by Peggy Jordan, Oklahoma City Community College (2/3/03)
Breaking it Down: Performing Academic Advising Across the Color Line
by Cornelius K. Gilbert, University of Wisconsin (3/3/03)
My Educational Journey: A Student Perspective
by Heidi Lynch, Penn State University (3/24/03)


Academic Advising and Live Theatre: An Effective Collaboration
by Diane J. Leos, Penn State University (4/14/03)
The Importance of Faculty Adviser Training Programs
by Holly Newell, Salve Regina University (6/2/03)
Preparing for the First Advising Contact
by Michael Stokes, Penn State University (6/16/03)


Talking with the Parents of Advisees
by Claudia Stack, University of North Carolina at Wilmington (7/14/03)
Don’t Forget the Details: A Call for Balance in Academic Advising
by Susan D. Bates, Western Carolina University (8/1/03)
My Educational Journey: A Student Perspective (Part 2)
by Heidi Lynch, Penn State University (8/14/03)
The Adviser as a Caring Expert: Theory and Practice
by Joshua S. Smith and Christa B. Downey, University at Albany (9/2/03)
The Role of Advising in Undergraduate Research
by Marion Schwartz, Penn State University (9/16/03)


The Significance of the Adviser-Advisee Relationship: A Student’s Perspective
by Matthew W. Childress, University of Louisville (10/20/03)
From Contact to Community
by Thom Mollohan, University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College (11/3/03)
On Mentors and Janitors: Toward a Classical Definition of Advising in Higher Education
by John D. C. Buck, Penn State University (11/14/03)
Expanding the Prescriptive-Developmental Advising Continuum: Using Social Constructivism as an Advising Approach for Students from High Relational Groups
by Michael Kirk-Kuwaye and Niki Libarios, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (12/5/03)
Reaching Beyond Academics in Academic Advising
by Cornelius K. Gilbert and Earlise C. Ward, University of Wisconsin (12/19/03)
Developmental Advising in the Sultanate of Oman
by Shirley Thomas, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman (12/23/03)


     ISSN: 1521-2211