Hear from Discover House Students

Here's what grads have to say about their first-year experience in Discover House:


"Discover house was one of the best decisions I made at Penn State. It gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about myself, what I wanted out of my college experience and how to get it. It also gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of different people and opened my eyes to all that Penn State has to offer."

Kayla explored majors in Biobehavioral Health, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biological Anthropology, Biology, Forensic Science, Immunology and Infectious Disease, Premedicine, Psychology, Science, and Toxicology.

She graduated  with a major in Science and minors in Spanish and Psychology.   


"Transitioning from high school to college can be as anxious as it is exciting. Discover House helps smooth that transition. Discover House allowed me to explore many academic areas of Penn State, all while living in an incredible community. I owe so much of my time in college to the success of Discover House. It truly helped shaped me into the person I grew into at Penn State."

John explored majors in Community, Environment, and Development, Geography, History, International Politics, Marketing, and Security Risk Analysis.

He graduated with a major in Security Risk Analysis and a certificate in National Security Agency.


When I was first looking at schools, I had no idea what I wanted to do. My parents joked that I had a major of the week. Discover House allowed me to be able to do this crazy 'major of the week' with guidance as I explored majors and eventually found my way to exactly what I wanted to do. I met lifelong friends in D-House, and if I would do it all again I would choose D-House every time.

Sarah considered majors in Security and Risk Analysis; Theatre; Secondary Education; Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management; English; and Telecommunications.

She graduated in seven semesters with a major in Telecommunications, studied abroad in Prague, and completed two minors: Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management and International Studies.


"You should definitely do it! Penn State is a big school and Discover House makes it feel like you are part of a small community. You can meet your best friends."

Tyler explored majors in Advertising/Public Relations, History, Journalism, Marketing, Political Science, and Supply Chain and Information Systems.

He graduated with a major in Supply Chain and Information Systems.


"Yeah, you may not know what to do and yeah, that may be scary … but know there is a place for you. Discover House is a place where you can explore your passions, along with others just like you, to find what you truly love to do."

Ben explored majors in Advertising/Public Relations, Theatre, and Communications Arts and Sciences.

He graduated with a major in Communication Arts and Sciences.


"Finding Discover House ended up being the best thing that ever could have happened to me at Penn State. As a freshman, there is so much pressure to have everything figured out already, whether it be from parents, friends, classmates, or whomever. But being undecided allowed me to truly explore my options, find what I liked and didn't like, be sure of my decision of what to major in, and still be on track to graduate in four years. In D-House, it was very reassuring to be around other people who were also deciding what to major in and it made me realize that it was okay to be unsure for a little while as long as I was working towards figuring it out. It is something I have and will continue to recommend to every student I meet."

Justin explored business and communications. He considered Telecommunications and Information Sciences and Technology.

He graduated with a major in Security Risk Analysis (Intelligence Analysis and Modeling option) and a minor in Italian.


"I can honestly say that being a part of Discover House was one of the best decisions of my college career. From day one, I knew I was part of an amazing family. Not just the Penn State family or the class of 2015, but something better. We were all in the same place at the time: college kids without a clue about what they wanted to do. Freshman year we made our individual journeys but we did it together. We explored different classes and majors, joined different clubs and made new friends. But at the end of the day, I knew I had my fellow D-housers right next to me.

Having the chance to explore several academic majors is something that cannot be taken for granted. I learned a lot of different things that year but most importantly I learned a lot about myself. I was able to weed out several options before finally jumping into Security and Risk Analysis. I am so glad I chose this major and I'm not sure I would have picked it without the extra time and guidance.

Lastly, I've made some of my best friends through Discover House. I am currently living with four other D-housers and still keep in touch with several others on a regular basis. I started out my journey clueless and a little bit afraid. But as I am concluding my last semester, I look forward with confidence knowing that what I've learned these past four years have prepared me for anything.

I wish the best of luck to all up and coming D-housers! It's your time ... so take control of it!"

Steve explored majors in Information Sciences and Technology, Management Information Systems, Security Risk Analysis, and Telecommunications.

He graduated with a major in Security Risk Analysis, a minor in Information Sciences and Technology, and a certificate in National Security Agency


"D. House was one of my best decisions. There was a close community of students that I am in contact with today ..."

Ronnie explored majors in Accounting, Finance, Labor Studies and Employment Relations, and Psychology.

He graduated with a major in Labor Studies and Employment Relations and minors in Dispute Management and Resolution and Psychology.


"Penn State is a great school and huge school. D-House is the best place to make a big school a small community and make lots of friends."

Connor explored majors in Communication Arts and Sciences, Community, Environment, and Development, Economics, International Politics, Management, Media Studies, Telecommunications and Theatre.

He graduated with a major in Telecommunications and a minor in Theatre.


"Like many Discover House students, I came into college with many interests but a lack of direction. One of the most important experiences I remember was from programming where we learned how many students end up in a field unrelated to their major. This relieved a ton of pressure and allowed me to follow my interests, discover passions, and find the right major. Nine years later, I still look at my time in Discover House as a pivotal part of my success in college and beyond."

Sean explored  majors in the Liberal Arts, Advertising and Public Relations , Communication Arts and Sciences, International Politics, Geography, Environmental Resource Management, and Forest Science. He graduated with a major in  Geography and a minor in Environmental Inquiry.


"Discover House was the best decision I made as a student."

Sam explored majors in Earth Science Policy, Energy Engineering, Energy, Business and Finance, Geography, Geosciences, and History.

He is graduating with a major in Energy Engineering and a minor in Energy, Business, and Finance.


"If you are unsure about what you want to pursue, then Discover House is an incredibly valuable resource. You will not only learn from each other but you will also be provided with a multitude of opportunities to help you find your passion.

You will be guaranteed a running start and in a supportive community, and I couldn’t have asked to begin my college career (and start building a foundation for my professional one) in a better setting than Discover House."

Esther considered majors in International Politics, Management, Art, Advertising/Public Relations, Global and International Studies, International Relations, French and Francophone Studies, Communication Arts and Sciences, and Marketing.

She graduated with three majors: Advertising/Public Relations, Global and International Studies, and French and Francophone Studies.


"Discover House is a great decision; it is not a dorm, but a community and family that provides you with many opportunities and unforgettable experiences ..."

Seth explored majors in Engineering, Management, Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management and Labor Studies and Employment Relations.

He graduated with a major in Labor Studies and Employment Relations and a minor in Information Sciences and Technology for Labor and Employment Relations.


"D-House was a great experience for me; it was the best way I could’ve started off my 4 years at Penn State. All of my D-House friends have remained my best friends at PSU. We were able 'to all grow together.'"

Lindsey explored majors in Advertising/Public Relations, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Media Studies, and Secondary Education English/Communications.

She graduated with a major in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

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