Learn More About Global Issues

Here you can learn about a wide range of global issues, how they impact the world we live in, and how various organizations are addressing them. You can also find great readings on different aspects of globalization and some inspirational initiatives you might wish to join or model.

African hands holding can of rice

Global Issues

Today's unprecedented international integration and mobility are making the world much smaller and easier to reach out to, but also expanding and aggravating many regional problems and creating new global concerns. Learn more about the social, political, health, environmental, and economic issues that affect us all.

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Global Organizations

Learn more about major world organizations that focus on global challenges such as poverty and famine, war and oppression, disease, environmental pollution, and animal extinction. Many programs partner with smaller non-governmental organizations that need support from people like you. Check them out and consider studying them further and becoming involved in the issues they represent.

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Inspirational Projects

Here are a few projects that might inspire you to learn more about certain issues, perhaps get involved in a particular effort, or begin your own initiative. You may also find like-minded citizens and new friends who feel the same way you do about these projects!

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Recommended Reading

Even if studying globalization is not a part of your major or minor, here are some great reads about the world we live in. Each and every one is an eye-opener—check them out!

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