Majors, Minors, and Courses

College is the perfect time to discover your place in the world and start making your own path in it. Take advantage of the great college community you belong to—with its more than 300 majors and minors, many of which explore global problems, and with professors from all over the world. Find out more about the majors and minors exclusively focused on global issues or simply check out some courses on global topics that may interest you.


Are you interested in majors that incorporate the study of social, political, health, environmental, or economic issues that affect us all?

Take a look below at the list of Penn State majors with global and intercultural content.

You can explore this list further at MajorQuest by clicking on Interests and selecting "Global Studies and International Relations." (Clicking on any major in MajorQuest reveals resources to help you learn more about each one.)

Regional and Language Majors
Other Majors with Global Content


In most cases, students at any campus location can complete minors offered in different colleges/campuses as long as the students can access and complete the required courses.

You can explore minors further by selecting your areas of interest at MinorQuest.

Regional and Language Studies
Other Minors

* Similar minors are offered at multiple campuses. See Minors for Baccalaureate Candidates for details.


Students can integrate their interest in global issues into any major through the use of General Education courses. Check out our list of General Education courses with Global Themes or take a look at global-content courses by General Education category.