Resources for Academic Advisers

A sample of illuminating and thought-provoking texts informing advisers’ work in cultivating a global perspective in their students

Global Citizenship Education

Promoting holistic global citizenship in college: Implications for education practitioners by Elena Galinova (in Internationalizing higher education: Critical collaborations across the curriculum [pp. 17–34])

Global Learning for All: An Interview with Carol Geary Schneider, President of AAC&U by Elaina Loveland

AP Comparative Government and Politics Briefing Paper: Globalization by Matthew Krain

An Attainable Global Perspective by Robert G. Hanvey

Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism by Martha C. Nussbaum

Liberal Education & Global Community by Martha Nussbaum

Discourse, Identity, and Global Citizenship by Michael Karlberg

Introduction: Conceiving Cosmopolitanism by Steven Vertovec and Robin Cohen

Intercultural Competence

At Home in the World: Bridging the Gap between Internationalization and Multicultural Education by Christa L. Olson; Rhodri Evans, and Robert F. Shoenberg

Understanding the African-American Student Experience in Higher Education through a Relational Dialectics Perspective by Jake Simmons, Russell Lowery-Hart, Shawn T. Wahl, and M. Chad McBride

Culturally Sensitive Research Approaches: An African-American Perspective by Linda C. Tillman

When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity by Paul Taylor, Mark Hugo Lopez, Jessica Martinez, and Gabriel Velasco

Race-Conscious Student Engagement Practices and the Equitable Distribution of Enriching Educational Experiences by Shaun R. Harper

Succeeding in the City by Shaun R. Harper and Associates

Culture Goes All the Way Down: What the West can Learn about Learning from Asia by Michael Mascolo

Revisiting the Chinese Learner: Changing Contexts, Changing Education by Carol K. K. Chan and Nirmala Rao (Eds.)

Advising International Chinese Students: Issues, Strategies, and Practices by Elena Galinova and Irma Giannetti

Theory Reflections: Intercultural Competence Framework/Model by Darla K. Deardorff

How do I approach my role in teaching students with very different cultural backgrounds? by Darla K. Deardorff

Developing Intercultural Competence for International Education Faculty and Staff by Janet Bennett