PREP for Entry to DUS

Division of Undergraduate Studies
101 Grange Building - 814-865-7576

If you think enrollment in DUS is right for you, complete PREP by clicking on the choice below that best describes you.

(NOTE: These pages are best viewed using a tablet or computer.)

Choice 1:
I have one major in mind and want to enroll in DUS to meet entry requirements.
Choice 2:
I am considering just a few majors and I want to enroll in DUS to learn more before making a choice.
Choice 3:
I am not going to get into my original major choice and I now have no idea what to pursue.
Choice 4:
I want to enroll in DUS because I have no idea what major to choose.

Students without a completed PREP will be asked to reschedule their appointments.

PREP for phone appointments must be received by DUS at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Fax PREP documents to (814) 863-8913 or email scanned documents to dus@psu.edu with "PREP" in the subject line.