Junhow Wei

Undergraduate Studies Adviser
Fort Washington, PA
B.A. in Human Development, University of Chicago
M.A. in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
PhD. in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
Penn Stater since: 
A college education provides students with tools to achieve ever greater intellectual clarity. I am excited to support students in their unique journeys towards understanding themselves and the broader world.

My favorite place I have traveled to is Argentina. I studied abroad in Buenos Aires. I loved being immersed in a language that I had studied since middle school. The food was amazing. And it was interesting to observe how the city was adjusting to a financial crisis at the time.

In my spare time I sing, do yoga, and visit Philly.

You may not know this about me but I published a number of scholarly articles about the sociology of reality television production and am currently writing a book on the topic.

To satisfy my sweet tooth, I enjoy mint chocolate chip ice cream and big cookies.