Courtney Karmelita

Assistant Director of Orientation
Sharon, PA
B.S. French and Francophone Studies, Penn State
M.Ed Secondary Education and Special Education 7-12, Chestnut Hill College
D.Ed Adult Education, Penn State
Penn Stater since: 
I was born. Both of my parents went to Penn State. I’ve been watching games and wearing Penn State t-shirts since before I could talk.
I love working with students. Every student is different and so no appointment is ever the same. I especially enjoy helping them to make informed decisions that are in their best interest so that they can pursue their passions.

I am afraid of insects - all of them. I also am afraid of being stuck in small spaces, like elevators.

My favorite job growing up was working at Dairy Queen in the summers.

In my spare time I love to read and spend time with my husband and son. I really like family movie night.

You may not know this about me, but I studied abroad in France and it sparked my interest for travel. I hope to travel to many different places, and someday, return to France.

When it comes to sports, I love playing them as long as I’m winning. I’m rather competitive. My favorite sports are basketball and tennis, but I also enjoy running.

My favorite things to eat are constantly changing. I try something and if I love it, then it’s my favorite food of the moment. I will always love my mom’s spaghetti sauce, pumpkin pie (which is not a dessert or indulgence, but a necessary food), and almost anything with horseradish.

Academic Adviser Courtney Karmelita