Basics of Exploration

Thinking about how you want to grow in college takes some intentional effort.

  • What knowledge do you want to develop?
  • What interests do you want to further?
  • How do you want to contribute to the world around you?

Finding the academic opportunities that can help you meet these goals also takes intentional effort.

  • What majors align with your interests and goals?
  • What General Education courses can help you expand your perspective?
  • What other learning opportunities do you want to include in your college education?

Some basic ways to get started:

Self Reflection

Complete these activities to help you prioritize your interests, values, and goals and how they relate to majors.

Major Exploration

Dig a little deeper to research majors based on your likes and dislikes, impressions of the classes you are taking, and ways you want to contribute to society.

Decision Making

Discover your decision-making style and find ways to help guide you toward finding a major that is the best fit for you.