Academic Warning

  • While on Academic Warning, students must maintain a minimum semester grade-point average of 2.00.  If a student does not meet a 2.0 semester grade-point average while on Academic Warning, they will be put on Academic Suspension (unable to enroll at any Penn State campus for a minimum of two consecutive semesters).
  • By reaching a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00, students are no longer on Academic Warning.
  • Both cumulative grade-point average and averages for each semester by viewing your unofficial transcript in LionPATH.
  • Students cannot be placed on Academic Warning until they have attempted at least 18 credits, therefore, the typical timing for Academic Warning will be the third term or later (or possibly the summer after the second term if the student enrolls in courses).
  • Grade-point-averages in the first and second term that are below or slightly above a 2.0 should be an indication that an Academic Warning may be possible in the third term and students should seek immediate help from available resources, including:
  • DUS advisers are invested in the personal and academic success of students.  Advisers are aware of University resources and have experience assisting students with overcoming challenges.  A conversation with an adviser allows students to reflect and develop a plan to move forward successfully.