Academic Suspension

  1. Complete the proper process for re-enrollment through the Registrar’s office.
  2. Prepare a letter requesting re-enrollment into DUS that includes:
    • Reflection on past goals and performance;
    • Description of any extenuating circumstances that caused the academic difficulty that led to suspension, and how those circumstances have changed;
    • Description of what the student has accomplished while away for 2 consecutive semesters;
    • Development of realistic goals and plans to achieve these goals.
  3. Submit any supporting documentation of the reflection and changes stated in the letter requesting re-enrollment. Examples of documentation include:
    • Activities that demonstrate academic skill building: e.g. Bursar’s bill for course completion; completion of online study skills/time management tutorials; bibliography of reading that has been undertaken;
    • Answer to an essay question in which the student shares personal growth that has occurred while away: How has the student changed as a person? What has been done that has contributed to personal growth and/or development?
    • A listing of activities that demonstrates the student has engaged in exploration of goals: e.g. certification of job shadowing, volunteering, work, rehabilitation, or medical treatment;
    • A letter of reference from an employer or coworker.
  4. Submit a transcript from any other institutions at which the student completed courses.

All materials must be sent to Terry Musser, 120 Grange Building, University Park, PA 16802,

Student Action at locations other than UP

Each campus will determine how they will work with students while on Academic Suspension and how they will work with students applying for re-enrollment after Academic Suspension.


  1. Students should begin this process as soon as possible to have time to work on their success plan and to overcome challenges previously encountered. Students must complete:
    • a letter of reflection and request to return
    • any required activities
    • an official request to the Registrar’s office
  2. The deadlines for all requests to return from Academic Suspension are:
    • December 1st of the previous year for spring semester
    • April 1st of the current year for summer semester
    • July 15th of the current year for fall semester

The sooner a student beings to work with an adviser to develop and complete an action plan while on suspension, the better the chances of completing all requirements and returning prepared to succeed.

Here is a suggested timeline for re-enrollment activities for each semester.

Re-enrollment into DUS after Academic Suspension
Activity Fall Spring Summer
Contact DUS to Indicate Desire to Re-enroll January - March May - July September - November
Complete Required Re-enrollment Activities Assigned by DUS Adviser January - July May - November September - April
*Submit Re-enrollment Request to Registrar Office By August 1 By December 1 By May 1
Re-enrollment Review Team Reviews Request By August 15 By December 15 By May 15
Student Informed of Re-enrollment Decision August 16 December 16 May 16

*Though these are suggested deadlines to officially apply for re-enrollment, the request will most likely be denied if the student has not completed any mitigation activities required for approval by this date.